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Airbags – A Safety Feature or An Injurious One?

Airbags – A Safety Feature or An Injurious One?

As technology advances, automobile creators have found ways to implement more and more safety features to their products. However, despite the technological advancements in the transportation field, the seat belt and airbags remain the safest and most beneficial safety feature in preventing deaths and serious injuries in automobile accidents.

How Do Airbags Work?

Stops the Passenger from Getting Seriously Injured

The number one goal of the airbag is to help stop the passenger from thrusting forward, all while doing as little damage to them as possible. The airbag slows the person without abruptly stopping them. In this way, there is less possibility of serious injuries.  Airbags usually deploy in front- end collisions, or in collisions near the front-end. The United States requires that airbags deploy in accidents that are as little as going 14mph into a barrier.

A requirement for All Cars to Have Front Airbags 

Since 1998, it has been a requirement that all cars have front airbags for the driver and passengers of the car. However, many car manufacturers have gone above and beyond the minimum requirement to place airbags all over cars to work in connection with seatbelts.

Physics Behind the Airbag Creation and Deployment

Airbag creation and deployment use simple physics. Moving objects have momentum. The object will continue to move in its original direction at a predetermined speed unless it meets up with an outside force. To stop an object in motion acting force is required.

With an accident, the car’s momentum stops when it comes into contact with another vehicle or object, but the persons inside will continue moving until a force is obtruded to cause it to stop. Airbag deployment must happen within the fraction of a second.

What Makes Airbags Dangerous?

As hopeful as the car manufacturing industry is that airbags will always be a “go-to” safety feature, there are times when airbags can cause more harm than protection. For this very reason, manufacturers have created an “on/off” switch in some vehicles.

With this switch, drivers with small statures that have to sit closer to the wheel; children under 13 with monitored medical conditions; and adults with medical conditions are able to safely sit in the driver or passenger seat without the risk of the airbag deploying and causing damages

Consult With an Attorney

In the event that you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident and the airbags deployed causing injury, you should not only consult with a physician, but also an experienced car accident attorney. Call to speak with an attorney at our Law Firm for a free consultation. (713) 524-8139

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