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Know How to Deal With Amusement Park Accidents and Injuries

Know How to Deal With Amusement Park Accidents and Injuries


Theme parks. Roller coasters, yummy junk food, fun games; there’s nothing like a fun day at the amusement park with your family. Theme parks are supposed to be safe; rides properly tested, somewhat clean. So, when we load our families into the car to go to the amusement park, the last thing we expect is for someone to get hurt.

What happens when you or one of your children get hurt on one of the rides? Usually, most injuries sustained on amusement park rides are minor. You may get a few cuts and/or bruises, but it’s also possible that you end up with a broken bone or two.

If you or a loved one suffer serious injuries at an amusement park, it is in your best interest to call an experienced personal injury attorney in Houston.

Will the Amusement Park Claim All Fault For the Injuries?

Amusement Parks Will Claim You Were Partially At Fault

If you’re seriously injured while at an amusement park, the amusement park may claim that you were comparatively negligent. This means that the amusement park will claim that you were partially at fault for your accident. Some park companies may even claim that you were fully at fault for your injuries because you assumed the risk when you bought tickets and entered the park. In Texas, if the court finds you to be partially responsible for the accident, then they will reduce the amount of damages you are rewarded by whatever percent they find you to be at fault.

Theme Parks Can Also Claim the Defence of Assumption of the Risk

Amusement parks are also known to claim the defense of assumption of the risk. This means that because you know amusement parks can be dangerous, you essentially waive any claims against the amusement park by continuing to enter the park and ride rides.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

The best way to ensure you receive compensation for the injuries you received while at an amusement park, it is best to call and speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Houston. Set up a free consultation with the Pusch and Nguyen Law Firm. They’ll give you all of your legal options to allow you the chance to choose how you would want to continue.

The consultation is free and you pay nothing until your case is settled.

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