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3 Tips You Need to Know When Travelling On the Holidays

May 26th, 2020|

During the holiday seasons, it is nothing new to see thousands of people traveling to see loved ones. With those thousands of people traveling on the open roads, it is important to recognize how to take a little extra precaution to stay safe. Increased holiday traffic can presume countless dangers increasing the potential of accidents happening.   Things to Ensure When Travelling on Holidays For most travelers, preparation is imperative. Keeping certain items in your car can be helpful should you encounter a car accident or car troubles. Here are a few things you should consider putting in your car in case of an accident or troubles. Keep a First Aid Kit With You A first aid kit can help you cover cuts and treat wounds if you or your passengers are ever involved in an accident while on the road. Although it won’t treat serious wounds and you should still seek medical attention to make sure you are truly alright, it will do the job until you can get that treatment. Use Road Flares If You Get Involved in a Car Accident Although [...]

Do Traffic Tickets Make an Impact on Your Car Accident Claim?

May 26th, 2020|

Overview Car accidents in Houston, Texas are not an uncommon sight. Between the constant traffic, driver distractions, and simply the number of drivers on the road these days means that a car accident in Houston is more likely than not to happen. After the Car Accident After most accidents, the police will come to investigate. In Texas, when property damages are more than $1000, or the car accident resulted in an injury or death, the officer has to complete a crash report. The initial officer will collect facts, talk to witnesses and other drivers, and make a preliminary determination based on their judgment as to who is at fault. If the police officer decides that someone broke the law, the officer may write a traffic ticket to that individual. Violations Unrelated to a Car crash It is important to keep in mind that some crash scenarios involve violations that are unrelated to the cause of the crash. Those types of violations could include having an expired inspection sticker or driving without car insurance.   How Does a Traffic Ticket Affect the Claim? Whether the [...]

Can a Traffic Ticket Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

May 26th, 2020|

Overview In some cases, it is true that a traffic ticket can have an effect on personal injury cases. If you are involved in a car accident and are ticketed for something related to the cause of the accident, how you plead could impact your case. Examples of these violations can include speeding, tailgating, and failing to yield the right of way. If you plead guilty or are found guilty of that violation, it is possible that the conviction will be admissible in your personal injury claim trial. Some crash scenarios involve violations that are unrelated to the cause of the crash. Those types of violations could include having an expired inspection sticker or driving without car insurance.   Pleading No Contest What is a Plea of No Contest? A plea of no contest means that you accept the state’s charges against you, however, unlike a guilty plea, a plea of no contest may not be used against you in a civil damage trial. Pleading no contest tells the state you do not wish to fight the charges against you, and this cannot be [...]

Houston’s Tow and Go Program: What You Should Know About It

May 26th, 2020|

From time to time when driving on Houston roads you run into problems with your vehicle. Houston roads can be dangerous at times, from the mass number of cars on the roads to driving next to big commercial trucks to the many construction sites and holes in the roads. Having a vehicle emergency could be hazardous —especially in these dangerous areas. The good news is Houston has a Tow and Go program in place to help motorists during vehicle emergencies.   What Is the Houston Tow and Go program? In 2005, Houston implemented a plan to assist stalled vehicles on most highways. The goal of the program is to make roads safer, keep traffic moving, and to prevent possible accidents that could occur if you have vehicle trouble in a dangerous area. Services Included in Tow and Go Program Tow and Go provides motorists with FREE towing services to remove the stalled vehicle from the road to a safer location. The program also includes services such as: Changing of tires (if you have a good spare and working jack) Towing to your home for [...]

6 Things You Should Never Do After A Car Accident

May 25th, 2020|

Usually, the most convenient way to get around is by driving. Your vehicle is one of the most reliable ways to get you to work, the kids to school, or the family out of town for a weekend trip. With so many people on the road these days, it is not uncommon to see a car accident or two. Luckily, most car accidents are minor or non-life threatening. However, some car accidents can be severe, causing major damages and injuries. Most drivers know what to do following a car incident, such as calling the police and exchanging contact information. There are, however, things drivers should not do following a car accident to ensure they get the compensation they deserve for damages and injuries.   1. DO NOT Let the Other Driver Convince You They’ll Pay for Damages Some drivers will try to keep you from calling the police and getting insurance involved, don’t fall for this. Too often we find that these types of arrangements do not go through as planned.  In the end you have little to no proof that the accident occurred [...]

Slip and Fall Accidents: Common Causes and Injuries Sustained by Them

May 25th, 2020|

Overview The most common accidents in the United States are slip and falls. Slip and falls can occur to anyone at any age. The older we get, the more likely it is that when a slip and fall happens, that fall will cause serious, and possibly fatal, injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year about 1.8 million people 65 years of age and older seek emergency medical attention because of injuries caused by slip and falls.   Common Causes of Slip and Falls There are a number of factors that can cause slip and falls. Negligent Actions of Others Most times slip and falls are caused because of the negligent actions or inaction of others. Wet or icy floors can make walking difficult. So can uneven floors, carpeting, and buckling in the ground. Dark or poorly lit areas may make it more hazardous to walk at night. Lastly, boxes or other items placed in an aisle or walkway may make some trips. What is Meant by Negligence in Slip and Falls? Often, the negligence of someone else is [...]

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