Holiday times call for holiday parties. You know what that means, company parties after hours with lots of food, lots of fun and lots of alcohol. Despite the fact that these are grown, responsible adults attending these events, and ridesharing apps being easily available; people still choose to drive while intoxicated. When people make the decision to drink and drive, they put not only themselves but everyone around them at risk of injury or death.


Drunk Drivers and Holidays

Around holiday time there tends to be a spike in the number of drinking and driving accidents. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, there’s just more people on the road with so much to celebrate. These accidents tend to cause serious injuries and put a big dent in your holiday plans. Drunk drivers don’t appreciate the risks they put other drivers and pedestrians in. They either drive too fast and lose control of their vehicle, pass out behind the wheel, or drive the wrong way down a one way. As ironic as it sounds, the person who usually suffers the most is the victim, not the drunk driver.


Why Not Just Find A Ride When You’re Drunk?

Drink driving accidents are 100% preventable. All you have to do is open a rideshare app or phone a friend to come to pick them up. It’s a safe and reliable service, and most importantly, it keeps you from driving intoxicated. Despite the convenience of rideshare apps, however, people still insist on driving their own vehicles.

Most people don’t drink and then purposely get behind the wheel. What happens is people don’t plan well. No one thinks that they are going to get so intoxicated that they are unable to drive. The result of this type of thinking is someone getting injured or killed.


Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

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