Car accidents in Houston, Texas are not an uncommon sight. Between the constant traffic, driver distractions, and simply the number of drivers on the road these days means that a car accident in Houston is more likely than not to happen.

Police Investigation After a Car Accident

After most accidents, the police will come to investigate. In Texas, when property damages are more than $1000, or the car accident resulted in an injury or death, the officer has to complete a crash report. The initial officer will collect facts, talk to witnesses and other drivers, and make a preliminary determination based on their judgment as to who is at fault. If the police officer decides that someone broke the law, the officer may write a traffic ticket to that individual.

It is important to keep in mind that some crash scenarios involve violations that are unrelated to the cause of the crash. Those types of violations could include having an expired inspection sticker or driving without car insurance.


How Does a Traffic Ticket Affect the Claim?

Whether the officer issues a ticket or finds more than one person at fault, their determination at the scene is not the ultimate decision as to who is at fault. There are some cases where the jury finds fault in an individual the officer deemed as faultless. Sometimes, the officer’s determination as to cause of the accident is admitted into court, and other times the opinions are excluded.


Is a Traffic Ticket Admissible in Court?

If the individual who received the ticket pled guilty to the offense, the court may allow the jury to hear about the plea. However, if the ticket was dismissed off the defendant pleads “no contest,” it will most likely not come in as evidence in a civil car accident case.


Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

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