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Got Hit by the Valet Driver; Who Should I File a Claim Against?

Got Hit by the Valet Driver; Who Should I File a Claim Against?


You could be outside waiting for your own vehicle to arrive or walking across the street to the next stop on your list; when out of nowhere a valet driver comes speeding down and hits you. It sounds like something you would see on television or in a movie. Believe it or not, things like this are common occurrences.

Problem With Determining Who is Liable

So, what’s the problem, you just sue the valet, right? Well, the valet doesn’t own the car, a customer does. However, the owner of the car wasn’t the one that hit you. So, who do you sue? In a situation like this, you would make a claim against multiple parties. It is important that you name all possible parties in your initial claim.

If you fail to name them all, you won’t be able to add them to your lawsuit later on. The Courts require that all possible defendants be joined at once; this way, there won’t be an unfair advantage of having the element of surprise on your side.


Is the Valet Driver Responsible for Your Injuries?

Determining Causes for the Accident

If you are hit by the valet driver, it seems obvious that the driver would be who you go after. However, there are certain things that could affect their liability. Looking at the facts with a fine-toothed comb would need to be done. For example, what if the car malfunctioned and caused the valet to hit you. Or, what if someone else ran into the valet driver, therefore causing the valet to run over you.

Filing a Claim Against Multiple Parties

Another thing to remember is there is more than one responsible party in this claim. If the valet driver is at fault, then you would file a claim against both the driver and the valet company they work for. Perhaps the company failed to train the valet driver properly, or the restaurant was pressuring the drivers to work faster, explaining why the valet was in such a rush.


Contact an Experienced Houston Attorney

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