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Bad Faith Claim

Have you ever been wronged by an insurance company? If so, then you could be eligible for a bad faith claim that helps get the compensation owed to you (and often much beyond what was originally offered).

We often purchase insurance policies with the understanding that our insurer is obligated to protect us in the case of unexpected catastrophes. After all, Texas State Law requires insurers to uphold this agreement. However, insurers earn more refusing claims and have full control to determine if a claim is justified. Sadly, these powers are misused and innocent policyholders are harmed. At its core, bad faith is an underhanded method of abusing power for an insurer’s financial gain: a true injustice.

Types of Bad Faith Claims:

When it comes to personal injury cases, there are two distinct types of bad faith claims that can potentially present themselves in a legal context:

  1. ​When a policyholder has unjustly been denied their coverage, they may file a first-party bad faith claim. This action holds insurers accountable and ensures the rights of claimants are protected in cases where payment was wrongly withheld.
  2. The importance of liability insurance goes beyond just protecting yourself or your business. It can also help to guard against third-party bad faith claims, which arise when an insurer fails in their duty to pay damages if a suit is brought against you.

When you’ve been in an accident, your car insurance is responsible for paying the other driver’s costs. However, if they do not honor their obligation and leave you to foot the bill instead, this constitutes a third-party bad faith action on their part – something no one should have to experience.

If you were the victim of an uninsured driver and now face a denied claim from your insurer, it’s time to call in an attorney. An experienced uninsured motorist accident lawyer can help get your much-needed coverage back on track – no matter what flimsy excuse was given for denial!

Your Legal Rights Against Bad Faith Insurers

In many cases, insurance companies act in bad faith toward their customers and get away with it—but that doesn’t mean policyholders can’t fight back. Despite the fine print of insurance contracts, those affected by an insurer’s wrongful intent are not powerless. Don’t let your insurance company stand in the way of you getting what’s rightfully yours. If they’re ignoring, delaying or denying your claim for no good reason — get help!