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Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyers

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What Do You Do After a Bicycle Injury?

Your entire claim process can be affected by the steps you take after meeting a bicycle crash in Houston. If you meet a serious injury resulting from the crash and get emergency medical treatment, following are the steps that you must keep in mind.

  1. Never admit to any fault – even if you are of the view that you are at fault for the incident, do not say this to the driver of vehicle involved.
  2. Wait patiently for an investigation to decide who is at fault. You must remain at the scene and involve police when you have any personal injuries.
  3. Collect important information like name and contact number of driver and their insurance company. Gather information of witness as well, if any.
  4. Visit the hospital or your personal doctor to get first aid or medical treatment following the crash. Immediate medical attention will not just improve your claim outcomes but also identify if you have met any serious injuries which may not be visible at that time. If you delay the treatment, the insurance company may become of the view that you were not seriously injured hence do not deserve a better compensation amount.

How Do You Determine Fault in A Bike Accident?

The first step is  to identify the party at fault when you get injured in a bicycle accident. Fault determination is straightforward in some cases, while quite complex in others. The fault may be shared by the two parties which makes the case complex.

How Will  My Settlement be affected by the fault?

If  it has been identified by the police  that you are also at fault for your injuries, it may have an impact on your settlement which is generally reduced by your degree of fault.

What Can I Be Compensated For?

A settlement usually pays for the injuries you suffer due to the crash. It can be divided in to two general categories for most  cases which are:

Economic or special damages cover the costs related to your recovery and rehabilitation. This may include costs of therapy, medical bills, any lost income or earning capacity. General damages however compensate for mental anguish, pain and suffering which are categorized as intangible losses.

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