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Houston Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers

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How the legal representation of a distracted is done?

It is very difficult to come out of trauma aftermath of an accident. The accident surely affects the whole of the victim and his/her family. You will be very distressed with whatever happened but most of all you will be in dire need of mental peace and break from that discomforting life.

Unfortunately, getting back to the normal living is very difficult; it can even take months to recover from wounds.

Worthwhile, you would be thinking about the expenses and overall costs your injuries have made you paid and how you will recover them. In situations like this you need support of people around you emotionally and financially. But sadly, not everyone gets this back up from family or friend.

In the same way, you need to tackle the insurance company too since they will create troubles getting you the compensation you actually deserve. They will try to offer you lesser amount.

You will not have to face such pain and suffering until and unless you have the strongest support of a legal team.

You need to contact Houston car accident lawyer to assist you on this case. In this regard, you can consult Pusch & Nguyen Law firm that completely matches the kind of support you need from attorneys. We offer free consultation and case evaluation. It is completely comprehendible for our legal team that granting you the highest compensation and a win is what our clients need.

We do not charge any fees unless we win. It is not a big deal for our experienced and skilled legal team to go hand in hand with the other party in terms of negotiation and lawsuit. This is just done to award you the reimbursement.

What are the causes of the distracted driving accidents?

On daily basis, we witness the accidents happening which are not only deadly but becoming unpreventable due to many reasons.  Among many causes, one cause which is important to mention is that drivers pay heed to other tasks more than driving. Precisely, they almost lose their lives due to focusing on other people or things.

According to a report on the number of deaths due to distracted driving accidents is 1600 per year. This is so tragic to know that because of tiny human errors we lose so many lives. This thing cannot be ended or prevented completely unless we know the causes of it and cease to do such acts again.

  1. The first cause is that drivers use phone during driving and start texting or talking on a cell phone. This action takes a driver to take off his hand from the steering and make them look on an unnecessary thing other than driving.
  2. Rooting or turning off and on the radio or music which is on when a person is driving.
  3. Taking the conversations and gossips serious and contributing to them while looking back or turning head which makes the concentration weak on the roads.
  4. Usually this happens too when the driver brushes his teeth or hair during driving.
  5. When the children are accompanied in the car then they focus more on them.
  6. Moreover, the accident is also caused due to pressing the buttons on the radio or other musical device.
  7. You can also be distracted while using GPS during a drive
  8. Speeding over the car due to frustration and anger which happens while tackling with the other drivers.
  9. Keeping a pet in the car also distracts the driver and leading into a death.

The preceding mentioned reasons are not less than driving being impaired or being under influence.

Who is held accountable for the distracted driving accident?

Considering the sensitivity of accidents’ results, we need to take a look on who is and will be held liable for such distracted driving. You are possibly thinking that one person (you) will be held liable for their conducts that resulted into the losses. The other question that rises is that the insurance company will be able to back you or not. When you will be consulting an experience lawyer for personal injury, he/she will make sure about all things. Our best legal team will inquire all dimensions of the case i.e. the accident, causes, losses, and so forth. They will build a very strong case and help you acquire the compensation you deserve.

How much reimbursement will you acquire as the settlement?

When you decide to fight the case, then there is probably a question roaming in your mind that in the end of the day how much reimbursement you will as a settlement. We know that each suit varies from another and in that way the result or verdict of the case will be grounded on evidences and facts of the litigation.

In the contrary, when you will start dealing with the skilled personal injury lawyer, you will be able to know that you are going to get sufficient amount of reimbursement for your losses.

They will make count every loss either that is property loss, bodily loss or future losses and so forth.

Nevertheless, our lawyers work tirelessly just to grant you the reimbursement you have lost. They also make sure that you do not settle for the lesser compensation.

Let’s take an example of car collision which has happened due to a driver who was using cell phone.

Injuries caused by a driver who was using cell phone while driving:

It is too difficult to find a person who can multitask. It is a fact that average people mind cannot handle the multitasking. When we try to concentrate on more than one task at a time then you know there will be a mess waiting ahead.

In this way, one cannot drive properly and safely while using phone. This type of accident is as deadly and dangerous as DWI and DUI. Thus, any person who has caused the accident is automatically held liable for the accident and loss incurred.

You will be in need of strong claim and support of legal team for distracted driving accidents.

In relation to this issue, you can consult and converse the Pusch and Nguyen law firm. They are the best legal team you ever need.

Corroborating the accountability in Houston Cell Phone accident lawsuits

Since every passing day the use of phone is increasing then in this way the prevention of accident is impossible. Even if you send a simple message that takes not more than 10 seconds will cause you losses.

Prior to acquiring the compensation, it is significant to determine who bears the responsibility of the loss. Moreover, you are required to verify the negligence or recklessness of the driver which incurred you pain and suffering.

Contemplating the seriousness of your loss, you need to consult Houston’s best personal injury lawyer who can assist you by inquiring the whole facts the case and assembling the strong proofs in your favor.

The lawyers need to work tirelessly while collecting the police and medical reports. Similarly, the witnesses have to be contacted and depositional statement need to be made. All the field experts have to be presented before court.

For all of these, you need to consult a skilled and experience legal i.e. Pusch & Nguyen Legal firm.

Our Legal team is there for you!

We could not stop the accident happening, but we can assist you grant the compensation you deserve as an aggrieved party. In case you have been harmed by a distracted driver, you have the entitlement to make them liable for the losses you have borne either bodily damage or property damage.

The Pusch and Nguyen Law firm not only provides free consultation but free case assessment. They do not charge the client unless they won the case for them. You can contact them through the details given on the car accident practice area page.

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