Houston Construction Accident Lawyers

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Houston Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction sites can be quite dangerous work environments. Construction work involves moving heavy objects, being elevated on scaffolding, dealing with electric utilities and water utilities. In sum, it is a precarious environment and the people in charge of the workers’ safety also must ensure safety for the private citizens that may be passersby. Despite the safety measure, and especially when they are neglected, Pusch & Nguyen is experienced in accident cases involving construction zones.

Common Causes of Construction Accident Injuries

Defective Machinery

If you have been injured during the use of defective and/or dangerous equipment, you may have a claim beyond workers’ comp. These types of accidents can result from defective design or even poor maintenance. No matter the circumstances, upkeep is the owner’s responsibility and a defective design resides with the manufacturer. Heavy machinery presents a greater likelihood for an accident related to unsafe equipment. At Pusch & Nguyen we get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding your accident, and go after the responsible parties.


Electric companies, building operators, and construction outfits are all responsible for following laws in order to prevent electrocution accidents. When they stray from these rules and regulations the results can be horrific. Electrocution accidents can destroy families, as most result in death or permanent disability.

Falling Objects

While construction zones often present dangerous conditions, accidents can be unpredictable, and falling object accidents are just one of them. A falling small tool can still cause serious head and brain injury, and even death. Ceiling cave-in and loose ceiling materials are also sources of falling object accidents.

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