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Truck accidents can be a trying ordeal for their victims and the families of their victims. Trucks are monstrous vehicles, and even low speed impacts can be disastrous. Typical injuries resulting from a trick accident include chronic back pain, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and wrongful death.

While the truck driver is not always to blame, many times they under pressure to meet deadlines and such. This added pressure can lead to driver fatigue, intoxication by controlled substances used to achieve sleep deprivation, and hurrying too much to pay adequate attention to the road. All of this is a recipe for disaster for the innocent motorist.

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Accidents involving trucks have yielded approximately 130,000 injuries per year in the U.S., and out of those injuries about 5,000 result in death. Below are the principle factors that may cause a commercial trucking accident:


Given their massive size, commercial trucks require extended braking distance, especially when carrying a heavy load. Reduced breaking capabilities causes more rear-end collisions to be initiated commercial trucks.


Truckers regularly sleep shorter schedules in order to be on the road longer to meet deadlines. The average trucker sleep fewer than 5 hours per night. Although there are laws regulating the hours a trucker may be on the road, they can go ignored. Driving long hours is a contributing factor to driver fatigue, and increases the likelihood of a collision.


Commercial trucks have a much wider turning radius than consumer vehicles, and commercial trucks usually need multiple lanes to turn. This can lead to the possibility of an unsuspecting motorist being crushed.


Commercial trucks coming to sudden stops with shifting loads can jack-knife. If the trailer swings around sideways there is nowhere for anybody to go.


Truckers regularly use stimulants, often illegal or controlled substances, in order to stay awake in order to drive longer. Once these stimulants wear off the driver is much more likely to fall asleep at the wheel.


18-wheeler wrecks are increasing at noticeable rates in recent history. These accidents result from unsafe driving, oversized loads, and a myriad of other unsafe practices that place unsuspecting drivers as well as the trucker at risk. Below are 3 major causes of 18-wheeler wrecks:


These are extremely destructive wrecks which typically result in multiple injured parties. This wreck occurs when an 18-wheeler tractor truck skids, or its wheels lock up otherwise, and the trailer swings around creating a 90 degree angle. This is extremely dangerous are the trailer can cause pile-ups and can wreck into multiple cars across multiple lanes of traffic.


When the load is not secured properly it can shit of even come detached from the vehicle. The load hitting the roadway can create a minefield of debris which in turn can cause multiple wrecks. The driver, owner, broker, and manufacturer may all be held liable for the damages resulting from an unsecure load collision.


When tires wear out or if they are otherwise defective, a blow out can happen. A sudden blow out can cause a driver to lose control of his/her vehicle. For example, a rear tire blow out can cause the trailer to fish tail and even jack knife. Furthermore, the blow out could cause the truck to rollover or flip. Even the truck merely coming to an immediate stop can cause a multiple car pile up.


Owing to their size and shape, delivery trucks typically have obstructed views which decrease their ability to see other motorists, and in turn this causes motor vehicle collisions.

Delivery truck drivers also tend to park in restricted areas and fire lanes, even double-parking or just stopping and blocking single lane roads in order to make deliveries. This tendency creates unreasonable danger for other motorists which causes accidents. Pedestrians are at even greater risk due to the probability that their view of traffic can be obstructed leaving les of a chance for a motorist to avoid a crossing pedestrian.

While delivery truck drivers have a duty to conduct their vehicles in a responsible manner at times they can create precarious situations resulting in collisions that cause serious bodily injury and even death. IF you or a loved one has been a victim of a delivery truck collision call Pusch & Nguyen for a free consultation.

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