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Three Approaches: Insurance Companies Tricks

Posted on: December 13, 2022

Chi Hung Nguyen
December 13, 2022

Three Approaches: Insurance Companies Tricks

Learn how insurance companies use tactics to avoid paying

Don’t feel alone when facing the different sides of insurance company tactics. Use experienced attorneys who are always looking out for your best interests when insurance companies fail to compensate injured claimants. Like any business, an insurance company has its eyes on the bottom line. Many approaches are used to see what will make the most money. No matter what kind of negotiation style or tactics insurance companies use, they are all focused on saving the insurance company money, which means giving you the absolute lowest amount for your injury claim as possible and taking their time when handling your claims. 

Below are some common approaches used by insurance companies to try to get you to accept less than the full amount of compensation you deserve:

“On your side”

The saying that you attract more bees with honey holds true, and insurance companies know it. Unlike the other two approaches discussed below, some insurance companies make it seem like they are “on your side.” They sympathize with the fact that you have been hurt, say they understand how you feel and hope that by being friendly and gentle with you, they can reach an agreement with you that ultimately works out in their favor.

If they find out that the injured claimant does not trust lawyers, the insurance company may try to say you do not need to waste time finding an attorney because the insurance company will take care of you. When faced with aggression, they seem to back down to avoid a confrontation or negative reactions.

Insurance companies may make it seem like they listen to you, and then try to bargain with you by pretending to give up certain things. But in many cases, the things they give up did not really matter to them in the first place. They may even take it a step further and volunteer to give you what sounds like a great deal, even though they know they can do a lot more to make an injured claimant whole.

This style and approach focuses on building the image of a trusting relationship with the injured claimant.

In some cases, the insurance company may be sincere. No case is exactly the same because no two injuries
are always exactly the same. It ispossible that the level of liability is so clear in a particular case

that the insurance company really does just want to pay and close out the case. It is important to use the
knowledge and negotiation skills of an experienced attorney to ensure you are given all of the
compensation you deserve.

“Things won’t change”

Comparable to the good cop and bad cop approach, some insurance companies do not believe in working with injured claimants. They present themselves as a stone wall, and can make you think that nothing you say or do is going to change the situation. After looking at a few documents related to your claim, they will give you a low offer to settle your claim (if any offer at all) and tell you to “take it or leave it.” They may also say things like “this is the best I can do,” or say that you can ask for someone higher up the ladder, but that their answer is going to be the same no matter what.

More strategic adjusters using this approach may try to tell you one amount to settle the whole claim and close your case, and say that if you do not accept their one and only offer, it will disappear after a certain number of days pass. Under the pressure of a ticking clock, injured claimants who already have their hands full trying to focus on getting back to their normal lives often give in to this approach thinking that, even if they find an attorney, the result will not change.

As soon as you have a claim, contact our firm to avoid the stress of finding someone to fight for you after negotiations have already begun.


In some cases, whether because of ignorance or intentional behavior, some insurance companies outright refuse to carry out their duties and obligations under the law. In other words, they reject your claim and say “no,” they will not pay, conduct a proper investigation or do everything the law requires of them. Countless lawsuits have been filed against insurance companies for acting in bad faith. A “bad faith insurance claim” is typically seen as an insurer attempting to go back on their obligations to their clients by refusing to pay, or attempting to find an excuse not to play. The worst insurance practices make headlines for taking advantage of those who are in unequal bargaining positions like the elderly, disabled or those in vulnerable positions. They use intimidation and try to force their way, believing that because they have more power, they can do whatever they want.

They may try to trap those who are not familiar with system to agree to take less money than what they are entitled to receive under their policy.

For example, if a house is damaged, the insurance company may offer to pay the actual market value knowing that the repair value will cost much more money. The insurance company is required to pay the right amount when they receive proof, and cannot hold back funds just because they disagree with the amount of the damages. Other common tactics used by insurance companies is to pretend they never received the claim amount or to provide bad contact information so that when the insured claimant tries to follow up on the status of his or her claim, they cannot connect to the right person within the insurance company.

In recent years, the Texas Insurance Code and other laws have been modified and updated to try to prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of injured claimants who are simply trying to get the compensation they deserve. But these changes can be difficult to understand and then apply in the real-world context.

Seek the help of one of our experienced trial attorneys to protect your interests and rights.

Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer

Navigating complex personal injury cases and handling insurance companies can make the recovery process even more difficult. Experienced attorneys recognize the approaches and tactics used by insurance companies. The right attorney can advise you to help you identify the best step forward in getting you all of the compensation you deserve.

Are you trying to secure your financial recovery with the help of experienced attorneys? If so, we can help.

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