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Necessary Steps Your Lawyer Must Follow When Investigating A Car Accident Claim

Necessary Steps Your Lawyer Must Follow When Investigating A Car Accident Claim

The following is a list of necessary factors and steps your Car Accident attorney should follow when investigating your car accident claim to find out who is liable for the damage. Every case must be investigated and prepared as if it will go to trial, not settlement.

1. Visit The Scene

When visiting the scene, be sure to inquire of any potential witnesses to the incident

2. Obtain The Crash Report

This should be obtained as soon as possible, and will give details such as the date of the incident, time reported to the department, day of the week, address, date of birth, license plates, etc

3. Take Photographs

One of the most important aspects of evidence in any personal injury case is the compilation of photographs relating to the incident. This includes photos of the client, the scene, and the damage to BOTH cars

4. Obtain Copies Of New Reports If Available

In many cases, there is either newspaper coverage or television coverage of the incident. If there has been such coverage, obtain copies of the particular news item even if it means the cost of videotape or photograph from the newspaper.

5. Obtain A Map Of The Accident Scene

Such maps can be used to diagram the scene of the accident and will help to verify the accuracy of a diagram for use at trial.

6. Search Weather Reports

In many cases, the status of the weather is very relevant to liability. For example, in a winter collision case, the defendant will often contend that the accident was unavoidable because of slippery conditions and was not due to negligence.

7. Obtain Copies Of Repair Bills Or Property Damage Estimates

The estimates of property damage will contain a list of the parts of the automobile damaged and the extent of such damage.

8. Obtain Credit Report Of Defendant

When possible, obtain a credit report on the potential defendant. That report may include important information as to address, previous addresses, credit problems, etc. The report may also show prior claims or judgments resulting from previous automobile collisions.

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