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Necessary Steps You Should Take After A Chain Reaction Accidents

Necessary Steps You Should Take After A Chain Reaction Accidents


Chain reaction accidents are car crashes that happen due to collisions involving multiple cars. They can include three or more vehicles ranging from cars to trucks to SUVs.

Causes of Chain Reaction Collisions

It is most common to see these types of accidents when there is poor weather that causes low visibility and harsh road conditions such as fog, rain, sleet, snow, and ice. Because so many vehicles are involved, the injures and damages suffered from a chain reaction accident can be extensive. Most often these accidents cause a bunch of chaos and are difficult to resolve.


Finding Who is at Fault During a Chain Reaction Accident

Usually, the driver who causes the impact is at fault for the crash. However, chain reaction accidents can be more difficult to determine fault in because of the excessive number of drivers involved. Most times, more than one party is held accountable. In any case, the negligent party, or parties, is responsible for the accident and can be held accountable for damages.


Texas’ Concept of Modified Comparative Fault

Texas uses the concept of modified comparative fault, also known as proportionate responsibility, for personal injury claims. It is still possible for a person to receive compensation for an accident even if they are partially to blame for the crash. The most important thing to remember is that you can only collect money for injuries and damages if you are less than 51% to blame for the chain collision.


Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, it is best to seek guidance from an experienced Houston car accident attorney. Call (713) 524-8139 or go online to speak with an experienced Houston car accident lawyer at Pusch & Nguyen Law Firm. Receive a free consultation to see what your legal options really are.

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