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Nursing Home Negligence Cases and Types of Mistreatment

Nursing Home Negligence Cases and Types of Mistreatment


Thousand and thousands of elderlies are affected by nursing home negligence in the state of  Texas each year. The result is everything from serious injury to wrongful death. Under four million people live in nursing homes, and that number is constantly growing. Just under half of all people living in nursing homes have reported facing abuse and injuries due to neglect, and almost ninety-five percent report having witnessed said nursing home abuse from the staff.

Why Are There Cases of Neglect and Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Numerous nursing homes in the United States are understaffed, and what staff they have is under-trained and ill-prepared to provide delicate care and help the elderly require. A recent study determined that many nursing home workers feel that they are underpaid for the job they are required to perform. Further studies have shown that this particular state of mind leads to carelessness, negligence, and in certain cases abuse.

If a nursing home fails to provide adequate care for one of their patients, which in turn causes injury or wrongful death, then that patient and their family may be entitled to compensation for their damages.

When the odds of your loved one being victimized by nursing home negligence are the flip of a coin don’t hesitate. Our nursing home abuse lawyers here at Pusch & Nguyen work hard for the best results possible, and we are here for your most cherished loved ones.

Types of Mistreatment and Nursing Home Abuse

Incorrect Medication

Receiving incorrect medication can have serious results including serious injury and even wrongful death.


Infections are typically preventable and curable through proper care. However, infections can go misdiagnosed or ignored by nursing home staff. This can cause rapid deterioration of elderly health with possible outcomes including wrongful death.


An infection that creates inflammation throughout the whole body. Septic shock can easily cause death in the elderly.

Poor Hygiene

Nursing home staff should maintain a clean facility, and make sure patients are properly cleaned. Each nursing home facility must have a cleaning schedule for the facility, as well as the patients.


The elderly are sensitive to dehydration and without maintaining the proper fluid intake they may slip into dehydration within hours.


Each patient must be properly fed and cared for, including a balanced diet. Staff must be trained to feed patients following the nutrition plan.

Diabetic Care

Diabetic patients can easily get high blood sugar levels which inhibits the body’s ability to produce insulin. Diabetes is a common affliction that requires special care to ensure a patient’s well-being.

Falls and Fractures

A common injury in long-term care facilities is falling. The facility is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for all patients, which is a responsibility that tends to go overlooked.


The most common injury sustained by elderly patients in nursing homes. Bedsores are common enough to afflict one in ten nursing home patients. Although common, bedsores are easily preventable with proper care and treatment. Untreated bedsores can become very serious and fatal in certain cases.

Lack of Care

Patients in nursing homes for long-term care are there because they require a specific amount of care and assistance from others. A lack of care causes the patient to suffer. It is the staff’s responsibility to ensure that the proper amount of care is given to each patient.

Verbal Abuse

Threats of violence and/or harm are considered abusive behavior and should be reported immediately.

Assault, Battery, or Other Violence

The violence of any kind in a nursing home is illegal. Any suspicion of physical abuse towards a nursing home patient should be reported immediately to authorities.

Contact A Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

If a loved one has been the victim of any of the above conditions while a patient in a nursing home, for any duration, please do not hesitate to contact Pusch & Nguyen lawyers for a free consultation.

You can also check the National Trial Lawyers and Law Directories to find an experienced lawyer to help you with your case.

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