$300,000.00 car accident Neck Injury
$700,000.00 commercial accident Low Back Injury
$1,000,000.00 18 wheeler accident Head Injury
$200,000.00 truck accident Shoulder Injury
$249,000.00 motorcycle accident Neck Injury
$150,000.00 pedestrian accident Low Back Injury
$100,000.00 rideshare accident Knee Injury
$117,000.00 electric scooter Wrist Injury
$315,000.00 car accident Neck and Lower Back Injury
$155,000.00 commercial accident Concussion
$283,000.00 18 wheeler accident Broken Ribs
$174,000.00 truck accident Fractured Ankle
$190,000.00 motorcycle accident Head Injury
$330,000.00 pedestrian accident PTSD
$580,000.00 rideshare accident Low back and Neck Injury
$900,000.00 electric scooter Low Back Injury
Results above are cumulative total amounts net to clients. Past success does not guarantee future success.

Progressive Insurance Car Accident Claims Tactics

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Progressive Insurance Car Accident Claims Tactics

If you’re like any American who has watched TV in the last 10 years, you’re likely to recognize Flo, the extremely enthusiastic and upbeat saleswoman looking to provide you with the personally tailored Progressive insurance policy just for you. These commercials were designed to have you believe that buying insurance is simple and quick, dare we say it… fun.

At the very least, filing claims through Progressive is the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

The harsh reality however is that filing claims through Progressive isn’t easy. Progressive has no qualms about taking your money with that easy sign-up but when it comes time to get paid for your injury claim – it’s impossible. Our firm has fought tooth and nail against insurance adjusters for years. We know their schemes and sneaky tactics. Lucky for us, our reputation precedes us. They know who we are, and we like it that way. Please contact us so we can help you. (833-PUSHWIN)

  • They’re Greedy And They Know It
  • Progressive, like every other run-of-the-mill insurance company out there, because of their own secrets, loves snatching up those premiums you pay every month but digs its heels in when anyone files a claim. As a company who had a reported net income of 3.9 billion in 2019, that says everything you need to know about what matters to them.

    To make matters worse, Progressive is fighting against payouts for the people who need it the most. Victims often rely on these funds to pay for accident related expenses or other bills, sometimes even their mortgages or food. With full knowledge that the consequences of their actions are hurting people, they continue to fight relentlessly to hold onto every cent they can.

    While it’s become quite clear whose interests Progressive has at heart, we’re here for you. Let us advocate for you and get the money you deserve.

    Our team of attorneys and legal professionals are skilled at filing insurance claims. We have the strategy and diligence it takes to combat any sneaky tactics and low-ball settlements thrown at us, regardless of whether you are the victim or their client.

    Getting To The Root Of Progressive’s Priorities

    Progressive has a massive reach online and on television. This marketing coverage has allowed them to expand rapidly and Progressive now insures millions of vehicles in the United States. Because of this, it’s highly probable that should you get into an accident, the driver will have Progressive insurance as their provider, and you’ll be forced to engage in the claims process with them.

    Progressive didn’t grow their empire into a billion-dollar company by dishing out payouts on claims. Their entire business model is built on the foundational rule of limitation. Despite Flo’s persuasive, happy-go-lucky attitude, experience shows that Progressive’s priority is to minimize payouts on personal injury claims. It’s not personal – strictly business, but that’s not exactly what you want to hear when you’re relying on Progressive to cover expenses.

    Like any business, the bottom line is profits. This means they’ll do everything in their power to settle your claim for as little as possible. What are you supposed to do to prevent this? You’ll have to hire an experienced attorney to advocate for you from beginning to end. What’ll happen if you don’t? Progressive will take advantage of you. You’ll be forced to settle for subpar offers that don’t even cover the expenses you have or worse, you’ll walk away with nothing. Avoid the risk of a bad settlement by hiring Pusch & Nguyen to represent you.

    How Progressive Negotiates?

    The first offer Progressive will make to you will feel insulting, that’s how low it’ll be. This is a negotiation tactic they employ. No harm can come to them by low-balling you straight out of the gate, in fact, without a lawyer some people will accept it.

    The problem is that once you sign a settlement offer, you’ve (maybe unknowingly) signed your rights away. Most people don’t understand that in signing a settlement, you’re giving up any right in the future to pursue a claim for more money. If you realize a year down the road that the settlement you accepted just isn’t going to cover your expenses, there’s not a single thing you can do. That’s why it’s so unbelievably important that the settlement you ultimately accept fully covers the injuries you’ve suffered.

    Progressive insurance adjusters love to diminish and sometimes question the severity of your injuries. An adjuster will claim that your medical expenses are too much, you received care you didn’t need, some if not all your injuries didn’t originate from that car accident. To add insult to injury, they’re essentially calling you a liar after you’ve experienced a traumatic incident. This is just another tactic they employ to try and limit the amount of payout for your claim.

    Progressive will stop at nothing to prove your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim they are. They have a track record of hiring investigators to comb through your social media accounts looking for evidence to prove you’re exaggerating. Even though social media has become a staple in our daily lives, it’s wise to stay off any social media platforms during the claims process. Nobody wants an innocent photo posted online to be taken out of context to challenge the validity of their injury.

    These are only a handful of the strategies they use to weasel their way out of paying you what you deserve. More times than not, you won’t even realize they’re using them on you because they’ve convinced you since day one that they’re here for you. Don’t let them manipulate you and steer you down a path to a bad settlement. Let our dedicated and experienced attorneys fight for you.

    Sometimes You Just Have To File A Lawsuit!

    Progressive has no problem playing hardball with you until they realize your attorney filed a lawsuit against them. Usually once the personal injury lawsuit is filed, the company is likely to supply a more appealing offer. Progressive’s goal is to avoid costly litigation or expending unnecessary manpower. Regardless the reason, this has created a pattern among Progressive settlement cases.

    As your representation, we will give you our experienced opinions regarding the benefits and risks of the settlement offers. As offers increase, you’ll feel tempted to take what you can get even if you know you deserve more. A lot of victims don’t want to push their luck by holding out for a higher offer, or they’re just ready to move forward with their lives. A skilled team of attorneys on your side makes all the difference in navigating the claims process and the outcome of your case.

    If you’ve already filed a claim through Progressive and received an alarmingly low settlement offer, do not be discouraged. Not only is this normal but sometimes the only method of resolving a case fairly is by filing a lawsuit. Pusch & Nguyen is well versed in their tactics and we will not allow them to take advantage of you.

    If your medical bills seem to be piling up and you’re feeling the stress of paying them off, it may seem enticing to hurry up and settle. Sometimes though, the best thing you can do is file a lawsuit and wait. Filing a lawsuit can be the difference between still owing money after settling or paying the bills in full. We won’t hesitate to take your case to court if that means you’ll be treated fairly and get what you deserve.

    Prgoressive Treats Their Clients The Same Way As Everyone Else

    You may have this idea that because you’re a Progressive client, you’ll get preferential treatment. You believe they’ll treat you respectfully and be empathetic to the situation you’re in. Think again. Progressive will not make anything easier on you simply because you’re paying premiums every month. In reality, you’re just another person seeking money from them. Filing an uninsured or underinsured claim, or a personal injury claim with them can be just as difficult for you as it would be for someone who isn’t a client.

    Like most other insurance companies, profit margins are the bottom line. Progressive will fight against claims from clients, just like they’ll fight against claims from third parties. Client loyalty means nothing when it comes to filing claims. Even though you’re filing a claim with your own insurer, you’ve still got a fight ahead of you. In some instances, it may be necessary for you to file a lawsuit against your own provider if they refuse to settle for the full amount of your claim. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend hiring a firm of experienced attorneys to navigate the claims process with you.

    Be Careful What You Say! It May Be Recorded

    The ace up the sleeve for Progressive is obtaining recoded statements from victims about the accident to accelerate the claims process. They might even convince you that it’s necessary to give a recorded statement if you ever want to see a settlement. This isn’t true.

    Insurance companies like Progressive want recorded statements from victims because it gives them an opportunity to ask leading questions. Leading questions give them ammunition for lower settlements or altogether denials. Even if you feel confident you’d never say something that would disadvantage you, many are shocked to find that their adjuster has spun their words and taken them out of context to create a scenario that doesn’t favor them.

    To understand the severity of what a recorded statement can mean, considering the following scenario:

    An insurance adjuster begins the interview and asks, “how are you feeling today?” An ordinary person, although experiencing serious pain will oftentimes reply with “fine.” It’s a habit, we all do it. The problem is that the adjuster has now made a note in your file saying that you weren’t in pain and were fine, by implication this means your injuries weren’t causing any pain.

    Unfortunately, something as simple as saying “fine” can be used against you and diminish your claim settlement. Adjusters won’t stop there. They’ll try to ask questions designed to have you admit fault.

    Consider the following scenario:

    The adjuster asks where you were headed when the accident occurred. You honestly answer that you were just taking your kids to school because school starts at 8:30. The adjuster has noted that the accident occurred at 8:20 and you were still 15 minutes from school. The adjuster also notes that you had your children in the car. Next thing you know, Progressive is claiming you were in a rush, you were distracted, and your hurried driving created partial fault on your behalf. Any amount of fault found on your behalf has the ability to limit a settlement offer.

    Providing a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster without having spoken to an attorney can harm your case without you knowing it. By consulting Pusch & Nguyen, we are able to help you handle communications with your insurance adjuster and prevent you from falling victim to their tactics.

    Progressive Knows That You’re Financially Stressed

    A car accident, however minor, can leave a person with thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Those who fall victim to more serious accidents that result in traumatic brain injuries or spinal injuries are prone to facing medical expenses in excess of seven figures. Permanent injuries can also result in the need for lifelong medical care.

    These injuries may also lead to lost wages because you are unable to work. Losing income can prevent families from paying necessary bills like rent, utility bills, or expenses associated with your children. Debt can accrue quickly and has the potential to result in bankruptcy.

    In some instances, an accident can create a permanent disability preventing you from working for the rest of your life. A brain injury can prevent an accountant from ever working again. A back injury could prevent an athlete or surgeon from every performing again. A reduced or limited income can have a massive impact on yourself and your family.

    Mounting medical bills in addition to lost income can place pressure on a household. Progressive adjusters know very well that most people don’t have extra money hidden away or an emergency savings account to cover bills indefinitely. They know that bills piling up can cause anxiety and use this in their favor to force you to settle quickly and for a lot less than you deserve.

    Even though accepting an offer quickly may temporarily relieve the stresses from the accident, those stresses can easily resurface later. By the time you’ve added up all the bills and realize your settlement doesn’t cover it all, it’s too late to demand a higher settlement. Rather than accepting a low settlement offer because financial pressures are demanding attention, call an experienced attorney. Our law firm is here to advise and guide you through the turbulent waters of insurance claims and get you the settlement offer you deserve.

    Progressive Is Banking On You Not Knowing The Cost Of Your Injuries

    When you file an insurance claim, you are required to include the amount of money you need to cover your losses. Most people simply add up all their bills and submit it. Progressive knows these numbers aren’t an accurate representation of the compensation you deserve and are happy to stay silent on it. As time goes on however, a person can very quickly realize they misjudged how much the accident truly cost them but by then it’s too late.

    The best way to understand the full value of your injuries is to contact a lawyer who has experience with car accidents and personal injury claims. We know there may be expenses that are not immediately evident to you and there are likely to be more losses than you anticipated. We explore all avenues of compensation including things like current and future medical care, lost wages, childcare, and pain and suffering.

    Don’t fall victim to insurance adjusters that will deprive you of a settlement amount that you deserve. Let our firm fight for your rights!

    Consulting With A Law Firm That Will Fight For You

    It is very easy to believe that an insurance adjuster has your best interests at heart. Many people fall for this every day. Insurance companies are designed to increase profits and minimize payouts. Not every lawyer has experience fighting insurance companies with sly tactics. Pusch & Nguyen has every resource available to maximize your claim. Our legal team specializes in personal injury claims and has built our reputation by providing the best possible representation to our clients who have fallen victim to insurance companies. You can trust that by calling Pusch & Nguyen, you are hiring attorneys who are not afraid to stand up and fight for you.

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