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Secrets That Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Secrets That Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

From what television ads portray, car insurance companies are always helpful, super friendly, and there to make sure you get the settlement you deserve so you can move on with your life worry-free. As real-life has shown most of us— that’s not always the case. Truth be told, most car insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible for your car accident. They will fight hard to deny, delay, discredit or underpay you.

A few of the tactics most used by insurance companies to scare clients into taking a low-balled offer have been exposed.


The Recorded Statement

Insurance Companies Will Claim That You Must Make a Recorded Statement

In order to pay you less than what you deserve, car insurance companies will work with insurance adjusters. Adjusters will call you claiming that you MUST make a recorded statement about your car accident.

Reason Why You Should Not Make a Recorded Statement

The truth about this? You don’t have to, and you honestly shouldn’t.

Insurance claim adjusters are trained to ask leading questions to trap you into making statements that could hurt your claim later. They may ask “how are you feeling” days or weeks after your car accident. If you answer “okay” or “better”, they’ll use that against you when assessing your injury claim.

You Are Not Obligated to Make a Recorded Statement For Your Own Insurance Company As Well

Once more, you are NOT obligated to make a recorded statement to the insurance company handling your claim. Most likely it is the insurance company of the driver who hit you. If the insurance claim adjuster insists on you making a recording, direct them to call your Houston car accident attorney at Pusch & Nguyen Law Firm.


‘Team’ Adjusters

Insurance Companies Give Your Claim to a Team of Adjusters

Another tactic insurance companies use, which is the part of their negotiations, is giving your claim to a “team” of adjusters. A team of people working on your case sounds amazing, right? Wrong. Avoid the “team” at all costs.

Why You Should Avoid These Team Adjusters

“Team” adjusters have the least amount of authority to make decisions and pay you money. They will deem your accident minor and low-ball your claim more than a single adjuster.

However. If you file a car accident lawsuit with an experienced Houston car accident attorney, your claim will most likely be assigned to an individual insurance claim adjuster who has more authority.


Call A Car Accident Attorney

Hiring a Lawyer Can Help You Receive More Money

Insurance claim adjusters will tell you that an attorney isn’t needed and that they can settle your claim quickly. The fact is people who hire experienced car accident lawyers get more money for their claims than those who don’t. Insurance Research Council says those who hire council to work on their claim receive up to 40% more for their car accident claims.

Contact an Experienced PI Attorney Before Giving a Statement

Before you give a statement to the insurance company, it is best to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Houston. After an accident, you might be owed compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Your attorney will review the facts of the case and will act on your behalf to protect your rights.

Set up a free consultation with the Pusch and Nguyen Law Firm by calling (713) 524-8139 or by going online. They’ll give you all of your legal options to allow you the chance to choose how you would want to continue.

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