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Is An Attorney Really Necessary For Small Cases?

Is An Attorney Really Necessary For Small Cases?

There are various reasons why it is better to contact an attorney to handle your car accident case, big or small, rather than going against the insurance company or other driver yourself. In all honesty, most claims don’t turn into cases nor do they require you to go to court, but people simply don’t get the compensation they deserve after their car accident.


Things to Be Aware of After an Accident

Apart from certain things that everyone must be aware of to NOT do after an accident, there are also some things that all people should be on the lookout for to help them determine if a lawyer might be needed or not:

Sketchy Insurance Provider:

If the driver of the other card hands you an insurance card that makes you feel uneasy about their coverage, contact an attorney ASAP. What you don’t want to happen is you rack up medical bills and damages that their policy won’t cover.

Your Level of Comfort:

If you have a small case without any injuries and a minimal amount of property damage, then you might not need to get a lawyer to resolve your issue. However, if you aren’t quite sure where to start or what to do, consulting with an experienced attorney can’t hurt.

Financial Questions:

Most people question whether they can afford an attorney when really their first question should be whether they have medical bills to pay. If yes, you may end up in thousands of dollars of debt because the insurance companies’ main focus is property damage.


Contact an Experienced Houston Car Accident Attorney

No one wants to be put in a situation where they have to hire an attorney just to get the money they deserve. The fact is people who hire experienced car accident attorneys get more money for their claims than those who don’t. Insurance Research Council says those who hire council to work on their claim receive up to 40% more for their car accident claims.

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