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What to Do After Being Injured by A Drunk Driver?

What to Do After Being Injured by A Drunk Driver?

Drunk driving and the roll it has on fatal car accidents cannot be overstated. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), every day 29 people in the United States die in a motor vehicle crash that involves an alcohol-impaired driver. If you or a loved one are injured in an accident with a drunk driver, here are six things you can do to protect your interests.


Steps to Take After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

1. Call the Police

First things first, make sure the police are called and that the alleged drunk driver remains at the scene until the police arrive. Most times a driver who has been drinking will try to convince the other driver involved in the accident not to call the police. Call the police anyway. The only way to prove the driver’s actual intoxication is by having the police document it.


2. Take Videos of the Drunk Driver

Taking a video yourself or asking a bystander to do so of the drunk driver can be vital in a civil lawsuit for damages. There are a number of ways that the drunk driver can fight a criminal DWI charge and deny their intoxication or impairment in a civil case. The videos and photos you take at the scene can be used as persuasive evidence


3. Get the Names and Phone Numbers of All Witnesses

Unless the accident involves a fatality or injury, which may lead to a wrongful death suit, the police may not document any witness’s names or accounts of the accident. If you are unable to get witness information yourself, ask for someone else at the scene to do so.


4. Follow-up with Your Doctor

After an accident with a drunk driver, it is smart to go to an emergency room to get checked out. Because emergency rooms are for emergencies, if your injury is not life-threatening or requires immediate attention, you will be discharged with instructions to follow up with a specialist or primary care physician. Tending to the orders without delay is a vital step.


5. Cooperate with the District Attorney

A conviction for drunk driving helps a civil case against the drunk driver and potentially the bar or club where they became exceedingly intoxicated. It is possible that the district attorney will call you and ask that you appear in court. If this happens, speak with your attorney and cooperate with the district attorney.


Contact an Experienced Attorney

Not every attorney can handle a drunk driver’s car accident case. Do your research about different types of attorneys before you sign paperwork to hire one. Consult with an experienced Houston personal injury attorney to see what they can do to help ease the pain. Call 713-524-8139 or contact us online to set up a time to speak with an experienced Houston Car Accident lawyer at Pusch & Nguyen Law Firm. You don’t have to face this accident alone.

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