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Post-Truck Accident Procedure: 3 Things You Need to Do Afterwards

Post-Truck Accident Procedure: 3 Things You Need to Do Afterwards

Being involved in any type of traffic accident is going to be stressful. Truck accidents, however, can be much worse. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), there are more than 130 million trucks on roadways every day. The risk of getting into an accident with a truck is increased for Houston drivers. Fun fact: most trucks are registered to Texas or California.

If you are injured in an accident involving a truck, there are three steps that you should immediately.


1. Call the Police

Regardless of what type of traffic accident you are involved in, always call the police. Even if the accident seems minor, the police will arrive on-site and take proper control of the scene. If there are any injuries, emergency officials will make sure the paramedics or ambulance is called.

Police Will Take Statements and Investigate the Crash

Police officers are able to take statements at the scene and investigate the crash. The police report is a crucial piece of evidence in every traffic accident case. Without a police report, your case against the driver will be harder to prove.


2. Seek Medical Attention

If you sustain serious injuries from your accident with a truck, you will most likely need to seek medical attention. Many people sustain injuries that seem minor at the time, but it is always a good practice to seek medical attention just in case.

Minor Injuries Can Become Serious

At the time of the accident, your adrenaline will be running high, making injuries seem more minor than they really are. Once time passes by, that minor ache can become something major and possibly something serious. Plus, the longer you wait to seek medical attention, the harder it becomes to prove that your injuries resulted from your accident. If you do not go to an emergency room, it is still necessary to at least see your normal physician to get checked out.


3. Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

After an accident your main priority should be your recovery, not your finances. If your injuries were severe, you may have been hospitalized or need to undergo serious procedures such as surgeries. The last thing you need to be focused on at this time is insurance or money, yet this is the most crucial time to take action on an accident like this. The insurance company and hospitals will immediately begin to call, ask questions, and send bills.

Insurance Companies Try to Offer Low Amount to Settle With

All too often, the insurance companies call to provide you with a quick resolution to your accident by offering you a low amount to settle with for greediness

Importance of an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

An experienced truck accident attorney will tell you not to accept the offer before speaking with someone who knows what they’re doing and has your best interest in mind. Your truck accident lawyer will take over the legal aspects of the case and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. You certainly do not want to be left paying expensive medical bills out of pocket. After an accident, you might be owed compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Your attorney will review the facts of the case and will act on your behalf to protect your rights.


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