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Houston’s Tow and Go Program: What You Should Know About It

Houston’s Tow and Go Program: What You Should Know About It

From time to time when driving on Houston roads you run into problems with your vehicle. Houston roads can be dangerous at times, from the mass number of cars on the roads to driving next to big commercial trucks to the many construction sites and holes in the roads. Having a vehicle emergency could be hazardous —especially in these dangerous areas. The good news is Houston has a Tow and Go program in place to help motorists during vehicle emergencies.


What Is the Houston Tow and Go program?

In 2005, Houston implemented a plan to assist stalled vehicles on most highways. The goal of the program is to make roads safer, keep traffic moving, and to prevent possible accidents that could occur if you have vehicle trouble in a dangerous area.

Services Included in Tow and Go Program

Tow and Go provides motorists with FREE towing services to remove the stalled vehicle from the road to a safer location. The program also includes services such as:

  • Changing of tires (if you have a good spare and working jack)
  • Towing to your home for a fee
  • Towing to other location for a fee
  • Towing to a nearby storage lot for free (fees start to apply after 48hrs)


Note: It is important to note that tollways and Katy Freeway HOT lanes are not included in the Houston Tow and Go program*


How to Contact Tow and Go Services in Houston?

Calling Their Number

If your vehicle breaks down, you may call the Houston Tow and Go services at (713) 881-3333.

Using an App

Houstonians also have the option to download the “Houston TransStar” app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store. On the app you can click on the tow icon and have a truck dispatched to you, and you can even view a map of the areas that are serviced by the program.


Call Tow and Go Services If Your Vehicle Breaks Down

Although you cannot use the Tow and Go program for accident-related problems, you may use it for breakdowns such as:

  • Ran out of fuel
  • Caught a flat tire
  • Car overheated
  • Other mechanical failures
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