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Burn Injuries: Complications and Their Treatment

Burn Injuries: Complications and Their Treatment

Burns are among the most painful, serious, and, life-threatening injuries a person can suffer. Burns of significant nature can be life-changing and possibly require long term treatment. When a burn occurs due to someone’s negligent actions, that person might be held responsible for your medical expenses.


Types of Burns and Treatment

There are different degrees of severity when it comes to burn injuries. The medical field classifies burn injuries into three categories:

First- Degree Burns:

First-degree burns are the least severe of the three classifications. They burn the outermost layers of skin causing redness and pain.

Second-Degree Burns:

Second-degree burns burn through to the second layer of skin, the dermis. This type of burn usually causes a painful scar 

Third-Degree Burns:

Third-degree burns are the most severe out of all three classifications. These burns reach the deeper layers of skin and beyond down to tissue, muscles, and organs. These are the most painful types of burns and are the most difficult to treat, some even requiring skin grafts. The recovery time for this type of injury can be lengthy and sometimes come with complications.

Treatment for Burn Injuries:

Determining burn classification the injury falls under

Qualified doctors evaluate burn patients to determine which burn classification their injury falls under. The American Burn Association has a list of medical facilities designated as burn centers.

Designated burn center for treatment with qualified teams

Teams in burn centers have training specialized with treatment and rehabilitation of burn patients.


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