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What Causes T-Bone Car Accidents and Who Is At Fault?

What Causes T-Bone Car Accidents and Who Is At Fault?


Regardless of how tough you are, every car accident is a frightening experience. T-Bone car accidents have the potential to be extremely dangerous, causing serious injury to those involved. It is a common assumption that figuring out who is at fault for a T-Bone incident is easy. However, it is actually much more difficult than you may believe.

It is not always immediately clear who caused that accident. Did a driver run a red light and cause you to hit them? Did someone ignore the right-of-way and smash into the side of your car? Were you both at fault? In all actuality, a driver could be hit on the side making it appear as if they were not at fault, but after further investigation, it may be revealed that the driver actually did run that red-light or ignore the right of way.

T-Bone Car Accidents: What are They and What Causes Them?

T-bone accidents are side-impact car accidents that result when one car impacts the side of another. These accidents are usually severe and can cause serious injury or even death. Even if death doesn’t result, life-altering injuries often do. When your car is stuck on the side, there is less protection between you and the force of the impact. This often results in serious injuries for you and your passengers.

Reasons That Can Cause T-Bone Accidents

There are a number of reasons why a T-bone accident may occur. This can include:

  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding
  • Running a Red light
  • Running through a stop sign

Protection by Safety Features In Cars

Luckily, the safety features in newer model cars allow drivers and passengers to get out of T-bone accidents with a less severe injury that you would normally see. But that doesn’t mean you are pout of the wind from injury. As always, the faster the impact, the greater the injury you are likely to occur.


Contact an Experienced Houston Car Accident Attorney

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