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A Complete Guide On What You Need To Do After A Truck Accident

A Complete Guide On What You Need To Do After A Truck Accident

Truck accidents result in the most serious aftermaths. This normally happens because trucks are extremely heavy and have the potential of causing grave injuries and destruction. Truck accidents in the US are a common affair. Therefore, you must be aware of the things that need to be done when faced with such adversity.  You need to take essential steps to acquire a fair settlement if you find yourself in a truck accident.

In the next section, we have discussed in detail the things that need to be done when faced with a truck accident. Read on to find out what to do after a truck accident.

1. Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

Examine yourself for wounds of any kind. In case of any serious injury, try and find help to tend your wounds. When you are in a better position, check on the others in your vehicle and look out for any casualties. After you are done checking your vehicle, see if the other party involved in the accident is alright. This means you have to check on the semi-truck driver too.

Moving the injured and tending to seriously injured

You are advised to move the injured if only their position is of risk to their condition. If anyone is seriously injured, then it is advised to call for medical help.  Any wrong movement on your part can affect them adversely.


2. Inform The Police And Be Mindful Of The Right Things To Say

Be it a truck accident or any other mishap, informing the police must be on top of your to-do lists. You may do this as soon as you are done with checking on the accident victims. If a casualty needs your immediate assistance, then it would be wise on your part to ask someone else to inform the police immediately. Any delay in this step may, later on, cause more trouble. 

A wrong statement can be turned against you

Also, you need to be extremely careful while talking to the police about the accident. Any wrong statement can be turned against you, and that will lead to unnecessary penalization. The trucking company’s lawyers can use your statements against you and present you as responsible for the damages and losses incurred. You are advised to keep away from apologizing. All you need to and have to do is state the facts as concisely as possible.


3. Collect Evidence 

Take pictures on your phone

This is one of the most important parts of the investigation and settlement procedure. The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is acquiring the evidence of the accident that has occurred. Therefore the best thing to do here is taking pictures on your phone.

Ask a witness to record the accident

You may even consider asking another witness at the scene to do the same on your behalf. Shooting a video of the entire accident scene is also a good option. You can record your personal narrative along with it and also gather witnesses and record their statements to back your own. 

Things to consider when taking pictures or making video:

The few things that you need to keep in mind while taking pictures or making a video: The recording of the number plates must be clear; the vehicle identification numbers should be captured. Look for the company markings on the vehicle and make a clear note of it. If possible, try and gather pictures of the driver’s license. These are important things that you must make a note of while collecting evidence. 


4. Acquire Contact Info Of The Witnesses

This is another important step that you need to take after encountering a truck accident.  Here you need to make the optimum use of your smartphone. Ask the witnesses to send you their details and record their statements. Ensure that you have their full names, permanent addresses, and phone numbers. This needs to be collected for as many witnesses as possible, as it will help you strengthen your case. 


5. Demand The  Preservation Of The Truck

You need to make sure that the truck involved in the accident is well preserved, as this will benefit you in the future. Therefore you need to ask the towing agents and the trucking company to keep the truck intact. This is necessary as the truck needs to be examined and made to undergo proper inspection to get to the core of the accident. The police, insurance company, and the detectives will carry out the investigation before it can be sent for repair or replacement. 

Don’t let trucking company take away the truck

If the trucking company takes away the truck before the investigation, then it will become difficult to prove your point before the court. This is one tactic that a trucking company might execute to hide its flaws. Here you will require the assistance of a personal injury attorney who will legally demand the preservation of the truck. The expert lawyer will quickly preserve the necessary evidence to present before the court. This will prohibit the destruction and alteration of the evidence found.


6. Be Ready For The Insurance Adjusters To Come Into The Scene

The insurance adjusters of both parties will visit the site of the accident.

Do not answer any question or sign any documents

You are under no obligation to answer the questions posed by the adjuster of the other party. Also, you do not have to sign any documents provided by them. You have the legal right to maintain silence under such circumstances. If at all you need to do something, it is only limited to taking their contact information for future assistance. Do not talk to them without consulting your attorney as any slip of the tongue may cause trouble.


7. Consult A Doctor

This is the most important thing that you need to do when faced with a truck accident. Even if you feel alright after meeting with an accident, it is mainly because of the adrenaline rush during the incident. Because of this, you will not feel any kind of pain, even if you are hurt. Make it a point to go to the doctor after the trucking accident. You are also advised to go to the doctor after a week or so to get a proper check-up done. 


8. Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

Whenever an accident occurs, it must be one of your first tasks to contact an expert personal injury lawyer. This is very important as you might have to go to court, and there you will need adequate professional representation. Also, during your settlement with the insurers, you will have to have a personal injury lawyer by your side to negotiate your case. Only then can you hope for the compensation that you think your case deserves.

Final Insights

Are you unaware of what to do after a truck accident?   All you need to keep in mind are the above-given steps. This will enable you to obtain the treatment you need and make proper arrangements for a court case if required. Contact a lawyer for your legal representation that ensures that you get a favorable solution to this issue. This guide will also be helpful for insurance settlement issues as all the important steps to execute the same has been mentioned here.

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