$300,000.00 car accident Neck Injury
$700,000.00 commercial accident Low Back Injury
$1,000,000.00 18 wheeler accident Head Injury
$200,000.00 truck accident Shoulder Injury
$249,000.00 motorcycle accident Neck Injury
$150,000.00 pedestrian accident Low Back Injury
$100,000.00 rideshare accident Knee Injury
$117,000.00 electric scooter Wrist Injury
$315,000.00 car accident Neck and Lower Back Injury
$155,000.00 commercial accident Concussion
$283,000.00 18 wheeler accident Broken Ribs
$174,000.00 truck accident Fractured Ankle
$190,000.00 motorcycle accident Head Injury
$330,000.00 pedestrian accident PTSD
$580,000.00 rideshare accident Low back and Neck Injury
$900,000.00 electric scooter Low Back Injury
Results above are cumulative total amounts net to clients. Past success does not guarantee future success.

Whiplash Injury Case: Everything You Need to Know

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Whiplash Injury Case: Everything You Need to Know

How Long Will it Take to Settle My Case?

Determining how long a car accident or personal injury case will last requires looking at a few key factors.

Factors Determining How Long a Case Will Last

  • First is the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the time frame in which the state says the victim has to make a claim for their injuries.
  • Second is the length of your medical treatment and recovery.
  • Lastly, the time it takes for your lawyer and the insurance company to either come to a settlement agreement of decided to go to trial has to be taken into consideration because they have their own interests. This time could be months to more than a year.
  • There are a few choices and questions you can ask to gain more insight to estimate how long your whiplash case might take.

    Statute of Limitations

    In Texas, there is a two-year statute of limitations from the date of the accident to file a claim against the at-fault driver. The two-year limit is to file the claim, not to come to a settlement agreement in your case. Ideally, when filing a whiplash case, the point is to try to avoid trial at all costs. With this in mind, filing your claim as soon as possible will help get the ball rolling on your whiplash case.

    Medical Recovery Time

    As mentioned earlier, the time it takes for you to be treated medically and recover pays a big part in how long your case of whiplash takes. To have a strong case, most attorneys wait until treatment is either completely or almost done before they start negotiations with insurance companies. The reason for this is that if your attorney starts negotiations without having somewhat of an estimate of how much your medical expenses will be, there is no way for them to properly negotiate for your compensation.

    It is not much you can do to rush this step in the process. At the end of the day, your health is what’s most important. It is important that you do every treatment step as your doctor tells you.

    Call an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Houston

    For cases where medical clearance has already been received by your doctor, initially, the time frame will revolve around how long it takes your attorney and the insurance company to decide to settle or to take your case to court. For more complex cases that involve ongoing or long-term treatment, your attorney will speak with you about either starting negotiations early or what other options you have.

    If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident that has caused whiplash, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney. Call (713) 524-8139 or go online to set up a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney at Pusch and Nguyen Law Firm. The consultation is free, and you pay nothing until your case is settled.

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