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Bodily Injury

Bodily injury is any damage to a person’s body, such as bruises, burns, cuts, poisonings, broken bones or nerve damage. It may be caused by an accident or someone’s negligence (not taking proper care), or it may be done on purpose (assault or battery). If the bodily injury was accidental or due to negligence, the person who was hurt may file a lawsuit.

Legal Definition of Injury:

An injury is any harm done to a person by another person or thing. Injury may include physical hurt as well as damage to reputation or dignity, loss of a legal right or breach of contract. If the party causing the injury was either willful (intentionally causing harm) or negligent then he/she is responsible (liable) for payment of damages for the harm caused. Theoretically, potential or continuing injury may be prevented by an order of the court upon a petition for an injunction. 

Bodily Injury Liability:

Bodily injury liability insurance is a legal requirement designed to protect the safety of other drivers on the road. If someone causes an accident, it will cover expenses incurred by those affected – such as medical bills and lost wages – though not any costs associated with the offending party’s own injuries or damages caused. Such protection can be seen as ‘third-party’ coverage since its sole purpose is safeguarding people beyond just the driver behind the wheel.

If you’ve been affected by an accident, it’s important to understand that filing a BI claim (or “third-party” claim) means submitting evidence of the incident against another driver’s insurer. To ensure your recovery expenses are adequately covered, make sure to carefully document every aspect and consult with legal guidance for assistance. After filing a claim, you can expect to hear back within the specified amount of time. Otherwise, be prepared to discuss further details with an examiner or adjuster; they may need clarification on sustained injuries and associated costs as part of their assessment. Not only is there a window for claiming damages – state law can also set parameters around accepting settlement offers.

Injury Synonyms:

Damages, trauma, fracture, laceration