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Texas is known for its many opportunities in the oil and gas industry. Many Texas families are raised into this industry, and there are also many out-of-state travelers who come to our city seeking employment and business opportunities related to oil and gas. Oil drilling can be a very lucrative job that in some cases grants families with generational wealth, but it can also be a deadly job that injures and kills oilfield workers each year. Between 2008 and 2017, over 1,500 oilfield workers lost their lives while trying to extract oil and gas from American soil. Offshore drilling contractors are surrounded by debris, machinery, chemicals, and even explosions.

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Oil and Gas Accident

Oilfield accidents happen, and when they do, the oilfield worker must be made aware of their rights. Injuring your leg while operating your casing running tools is extremely frustrating, but if the injury was not your fault, you need to be compensated. Healthcare in America has never been more expensive, and as an American worker, chances are you have the right to compensation in the event of a workplace injury.
To receive maximum compensation for your damages and injuries, you will need a Houston oilfield accident lawyer by your side. Oilfield companies are looking out for their profits, revenue, and expenses, not their workers. Because of this, they cannot be trusted to tell the truth about workplace injury. These types of entities typically choose to reject any blame, or they may even try to say that the victim was at fault. They do this with one mission in mind: denying you compensation.
The Pusch & Nguyen Law Firm specialize in personal injury lawsuit. We understand the pain and suffering workers go through when they are victimized by an oilfield injury, and we’re ready to help you fight for the recovery you deserve. If you have been injured during an oilfield accident in Houston, hire us to build your case. There are zero fees upfront, and you only pay us if we win your case. Call today at 713-597-8420 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team.
  • Types of Oilfield Accidents
  • Common Types of Oil and Gas Accident Injuries
  • Oilfield Injury Statistics

Types of Oilfield Accidents

Oilfield injuries can be caused by so many different things, but here are a few you should look at that may open your eyes to what is really going on in this industry.

Slips and Falls

Oil is very profitable, but it is also a serious slip hazard that workers need to be constantly aware of. Oil is a substance whose molecules slide on top of one another with little to no resistance. Because of this, oil tends to be extremely slippery regardless of what surface it lies on. Concrete, grass, soil, and virtually any other surface you can think of will remain a serious injury risk if they are coated in oil as a worker does his job.
Falls can cause serious injury, depending on the height from which the victim fell from. Oilfield workers are constantly being suspended in their air by equipment, and unfortunately, so many drilling sites and oil rigs ignore basic safety requirements that have become the industry standard. Falling deaths are unfortunately very common in the construction injury, and they are quickly becoming more and more commonplace amongst oil and gas workers.

Explosions and Fires

Oil rigs are filled with devices containing flammable gas, such as tanks and wells. Unfortunately, oil rigs also contain numerous fire starters such as static electricity, open flames, and many other various heating mechanisms. Because of this, explosions and fires can erupt and begin spreading extremely quick, causing numerous bodily injuries and millions of dollars in property loss.

Falling Equipment

Drilling sites can be extremely disorganized and cluttered, and when you have a lot of workers and very little organization, it can be easy for trouble to strike. Oilfield technology can be extremely dangerous if it falls onto a worker. Oil rig failures and malfunctions can cause pieces of equipment to be suddenly thrown into the air. Casing running tools, mud saver valves, and other pieces of equipment can inflict serious damage onto a person if they fall onto them. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to wear personal protective equipment at all times when performing work on an oil rig, but in some cases, not even a hard hat will be enough to protect the brain from serious injury.

Common Types of Oil and Gas Accident Injuries

TBI is a constant threat for oil rig workers. Many drilling sites have falling equipment, and industry standards are not always where they should be. Because of this, it is not uncommon to see workers moving amongst each other without wearing hard hats. When this happens, they may experience head injury, concussion, or traumatic brain injury.
Traumatic brain injury occurs when an individual experiences brain dysfunction after receiving a forceful strike to the head. TBI tends to show itself through symptoms such as memory loss, worsening headaches, and regressed coordination.
TBI symptoms vary depending on the severity of the injury. Mild cases of TBI will typically result in temporary mood swings that include insomnia, anger, personality change, and brief unconsciousness. However, more severe cases of TBI can lead to conditions including paralysis, repeated vomiting, prolonged unconsciousness, and amnesia.

Burn Injuries

According to the American Burn Association, there over 700,000 burn-related trips to the ER every year.
Sudden explosion and spontaneous combustion are unfortunate realities of oil and gas work. When you combine so many combustible items (tanks, fuel trucks, etc) with countless heating elements, sudden fires can come about within the blink of an eye. If you are burned by a sudden fire at the workplace, it is always advised to see a physician for a professional evaluation; you may have first, second, or third-degree burns.

Pain and Suffering

The emotional damage that comes along with workplace injuries cannot be overstated. It is extremely painful to see an individual go through mental struggles and breakdowns as a result of their physical injury. The simple truth is that in some cases, the emotional and mental damages will far exceed any physical damage.
Many oil rig workers suffer from PTSD as a result of their accident and injury. Oil workers who have worked on plants for years may be unable to return to work due to unwanted flashbacks and heightened anxiety. Something as simple as operating machinery can feel extremely difficult if it feels connected to a traumatic experience. To cope with their mental suffering, many victims of PTSD seek psychotherapy, psychiatry, and prescription medicine.

Oilfield Injury Statistics

Pusch & Nguyen | Houston Oilfield Injury Lawyers

Hiring an oilfield accident attorney is a situation to take very seriously. Oil and field jobs are supposed to be lucrative ways for Americans to support themselves and their families, but now, it seems like workers are getting hurt on a regular basis and constantly having to go through severe injury just to get a paycheck.
Injured in an oilfield accident? If so, do not hesitate to Pusch & Nguyen. Our team of lawyers provides elite legal counsel for individuals suffering from oilfield accidents and oil and gas injuries. If you were hurt on the job, you may qualify for compensation for your physical and emotional damages, but to maximize your recovery, you must first hire an attorney. Call our law office today at 713-597-8420 to schedule a free appointment with a team member.

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