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They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but even friends have their differences. Dog bites and attacks are an unfortunate part of reality. Even the most docile of canines can be aggravated to the point of aggression, and when this happens, there may be a victim on the receiving end of this force.

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Dog Bite Injuries

Like everything else in this world, animals are not perfect, but when they inflict personal injury, their owners must be held responsible. Dog bites are extremely painful and frightening, and in some cases, they end lives. Victims who experience this painful injury are sometimes left alone to deal with PTSD, permanent scarring, or emergency facial reconstructive surgery.
If you have recently been attacked by a canine, Pusch & Nguyen Law Firm can help. Our experienced personal injury lawyers have represented Texans for years, and we understand how damaging a sudden dog bite can be. Innocent victims should not have to suffer through unbearable physical and emotional pain while a dog’s owner relaxes at home free of any responsibility. Our law firm specializes in personal injury lawsuit, and if you are fighting for compensation for your dog bite injuries, we can help. Call us today at 713-597-8420 for a free consultation.
  • Why Do Dogs Bite?
  • What to Do After a Dog Bite
  • What is the One Bite Rule?
  • Common Dog Bite Injuries
  • Dog Bite Statistics

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Dog bites are a regular occurrence in the United States of America. This painful sensation takes place when a canine aggressively sinks their teeth into any part of your body. Any and every dog is capable of biting. Even smallest, domesticated, “friendly” dogs are still able to be put in a position where their only response is to bite. At their best, dog bites are extremely painful, but at their worst, dog bites can be life-ending. This is exactly why it is so important for us to understand how dog bites happen, and steps pet owners can take to diminish the chances of their canines acting out of character.
Dog bites are typically a reaction to a stressful or unsure situation. If a canine feels as though they have been startled, threatened, or frightened, they may react by biting their toys, food, or in less desirable circumstances, a person’s flesh.
Dog bites can also be caused by possessiveness. Dogs can be clingy; if you mess with their toys, food, personal space, or their owner, many of them will not hesitate to react.
It’s not uncommon for a dog to become a bit more aggressive after having puppies. Maternal instincts are strong, and if a dog recently gave birth, she would not hesitate to bite if she feels like there is a threat present who may hurt her puppies. Children and adults alike should remember to respect the space of a dog and her newborn pups.
Prey drive is another cause of dog bites. Roaming dogs who aimlessly stroll around towns and neighborhoods are looking for something to do, and if they are approached, they may react aggressively. Because of this, you may need to be careful if you approach a roaming dog while walking or running around the city.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

There are leash laws in place to protect civilians from on-the-loose canines. However, not everybody chooses to dutifully follow them. We have all seen dog owners at the park running behind or to the side of their pet, only for the canine to venture off on its own at some point.
It seems like dog bites will always be a problem in our society, to a certain extent. There is no type of training that can guarantee to eliminate 100% of all risk of dog biting. Pet owners should still train their canines to be well-behaved, domesticated animals, but because dog bites are still very possible, you should know how to handle your emergency in case you are ever bitten.
Documentation is so important for virtually all personal injury lawsuits, and dog bite injuries are no exception to this rule. If you are ever involved in a canine attack, the first thing you should do is document the pet owner’s full name, contact information (phone number, address, e-mail, etc.) and where the dog bite took place.
Take pictures of the injury prior to receiving medical attention. Next, seek out a professional medical evaluation. Dog bites can cause much more than just simple scrapes, cuts, and lacerations. If you’ve experienced broken bones, nerve damage, or rabies, you will be able to find out immediately by getting evaluated by a physician.
Retain all documentation and information you’ve collected up to this point, including your medical records and all follow-up treatment suggested by your primary physician.
Lastly, contact a Houston personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case. At this point, you’re probably concerned about how you will be compensated for your extensive damages consisting of lost wages, medical treatment, and many other miscellaneous expenses. A quality attorney will be able to review your unique circumstance and determine whether you have a strong case on your hand that will likely result in compensation.

What is the One Bite Rule?

Unlike many other states in America, Texas does not currently have a civil statute that clearly defines a pet owner’s liability for damages in the event their pet bites or injures another party. To gain a deeper understanding of some of the rules the Lone Star State has in place, we must first take a look at Marshall v. Ranne, a case from 1974.
Years ago, Paul Marshall filed a lawsuit against John C. Ranne after Ranne’s hog attacked him and severely injured his hand. The court ruled in favor of the defendant after deciding that the plaintiff voluntarily assumed the risk of the hog. The jury also decided that the defendant had no way of knowing the hog was vicious and likely to cause injury to another party, simply because the hog had never injured someone before that event.
The “One Bite Rule” is a piece of legislation all parties should be aware of. Under common law, this is a law put in place that protects dog owners who have never observed or experienced aggressive behavior in their dogs. This law states that until a canine displays hostile behavior towards a specific person, the pet owner is virtually relieved of any responsibilities if the dog ends up biting someone unprovoked.
Like any other law, there are nuances the more you look into the piece of legislation, but this basically means that if you expect to win a dog bite lawsuit, you must be able to prove that:
  • The canine’s owner knew their pet had a history of dog bites and aggressive behavior.
  • The injured party was bitten due to the canine owner’s negligent failure to use reasonable care to control their pet and prevent the dog bite.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites are problems that have place in society. This type of personal injury can carry disease, and it can also traumatize children into thinking all dogs are bad. It will also deter other adults from becoming pet owners. Pet adoption has seen a bit of an influx during the Coronavirus, but individuals should still be aware of some of the most popular dog bite injuries.
Lacerations, scrapes, and cuts are common results of dog attacks. Many dog breeds have sharp teeth, and lacerations are no surprise when it comes to dog bites. If you’ve been lacerated by a canine, you may have experienced heavy bleeding, permanent scarring, and intense physical pain.
Broken bones can occur during severe dog attacks. Depending on the size of the victim and the overall power of the dog, bites can break bones. Chihuahuas and dachshunds may not have enough jaw strength to actually break a bone, but this injury can take place if a larger dog such as a Pitbull or Great Dane victimizes a child. Facial injuries are also common in dog attacks. Canines typically aim for the face when attacking humans. Because of this, many victims experience some sort of injury to their eyes, nose, mouth, or ears.
Mental health damage is a real consequence of a dog bite. Being severely injured by a canine can have terrible effects on the mind, especially when the victim is a young child. Many children who experience dog bites as a young age deal with ongoing PTSD as they grow into adulthood. Because of this, they may find themselves going out of their way to avoid dogs or experiencing painful flashbacks when reminded of the traumatic event.

Dog Bite Statistics

In 2020, there were 969 dog bite-related insurance claims filed in Texas. With an average cost per claim of $40,931, the overall value of these claims is reported to be nearly $40,000,000.
In the United States of America, citizens have a 1 in 70 chance of being bitten by a canine, whereas the chances of being killed in a dog attack is only 1 in 112,400. Statistically speaking, individuals are more likely to be victimized by choking (1 in 2,618) or a natural disaster (1 in 54,699).
The COVID-19 pandemic had a positive effect pet adoption around America. Many shelters reported a 73% increase in community adoption rates in 2020.
A petite frame does not always carry a docile mood. Chihuahuas and dachshunds are two of the smallest dogs in the world, but according to statistics, they are two of the most aggressive dog breeds.
During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, dog attacks increased by 300%. Children and teenagers suffer more than 40% of all dog bite injuries that require emergency medical attention.

Pusch & Nguyen | Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

Animals have a unique ability to bring so much joy into our lives, but a dog bite will lead to nothing but pain and problems. Aggressive pets who seek to injure or kill civilians must be kept in check, and if their owners allow their negligent and irresponsible nature to allow their dog to seriously injure an innocent citizen, they must be held accountable for their (lack of) actions.
Our Houston dog bite lawyers care about the innocent victims whose lives have been changed as the result of a vicious dog bite. No personal injury case is too big or small for our team. At Pusch & Nguyen Law Firm, clients are treated with the utmost respect and care, and our lawyers vow to give your case the attention it deserves. We are well aware of the potential damage that can come to fruition as a result of a dog bite. Hire the best personal injury lawyers in Houston today by calling us at 713-597-8420 to set up your free consultation with a member of our legal team.

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