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Demand Letter

A demand letter is a document that tells the defendant (or their insurance company) about your legal claim and how much money you will accept to settle the case. A demand letter is written by your attorney and sent to the defendant. It gives a background of the case, that you you are considering legal action, and asks for a settlement. In most personal injury cases, the demand letter requests money. At times, it can also request other accommodations, such as repairing your car or paying certain medical expenses.

Components: What to Include

Crafting a powerful demand letter can be key in achieving the desired outcome. To ensure that your message is received loud and clear, make sure yours contains the following essential information – a qualified attorney could also help.

    • • Basic background about yourself and any family members that might have also been injured
    • • A factual account of the accident
    • • Why you think the defendant is at fault and why you feel you are entitled to financial compensation
    • • Legal arguments that apply to your situaion
    • • How your injuries have affected you
    • • A specific list of damages incurred as a result of the accident with dollar amounts
    • • A summary of how your damages and injuries will affect you in the future
    • • A specific demand that you will accept to settle the case

Demand letters can seem intimidating due to their length and the amount of information they require. However, there are some cases where you may not have all the necessary details yet; such as what your future damages will be while still in recovery from injuries sustained. Your attorney can help craft a letter that addresses these issues with an initial demand number higher than expected – this provides room for negotiation should parties come to an agreement later on. This type of letter puts defendants on notice regarding serious legal claims being pursued and has proven successful in forcing fair treatment between both sides involved throughout mediation or settlement proceedings.

How Demand Letters Are Used:

A demand letter may be a powerful tool when dealing with an insurance company, even if it is the company that is insuring you. Especially when written by your attorney, it can help you get the coverage or reimbursement for expenses that rightfully belong to you. The contents of this type of letter lay out why coverage should not have been denied and require timely resolution from the insurer side – helping make sure that justice is served.

Demand letters can also be an important negotiation tactic between businesses. At times, one company may be completely unaware that their actions have caused harm or compromised a contract until the other party sends such a letter to indicate potential litigation in response.

Demand Letter Synonyms

Letter of request, demand note