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Houston Car Accident Attorneys with Years of Experience


Why do you need a car accident lawyer?

Have you been seriously injured in a Houston car accident? Are you worried about mounting medical bills, missed time at work and other financial losses that you have incurred because of the personal injury caused by someone else’s careless driving?The Houston car roads are probably not the best when it comes to the safety of the motorists, and this leads to frequent accidents which demands dedicated and the best car accident lawyers and injury attorneys with their best attorney services. Accidents leave victims in a devastating situation as they may usually get hurt severely after a grisly road accident, and this might just be the beginning. A survey shows, Traffic in Houston is the worst in the state of Texas which is alarming!It’s never easy to cope with the physical and emotional impact of a serious car wreck. Making matters worse, car accident victims often face overwhelming debt due to high medical bills and lost income. The best car accident lawyer or injury attorneys at Pusch and Nguyen can alleviate the stress by answering your car accident questions and helping you and your family fight for the compensation you deserve.

With the number of car accidents in Houston on the rise, you need a lawyer who can fight tooth and nail for you! Our car accident lawyers in Houston are professional injury attorneys and have a reputation for aggressive settlement negotiations and tough litigation. We are passionate about helping our clients recover the maximum compensation from those who have harmed them. Call us today at 713-524-8139 to schedule a free consultation.

Have you been involved in a Car Accident?

Injury Lawyers at Pusch & Nguyen are best fitted for the job because of their aggressiveness and years of experience when dealing with such cases. They will be able to represent you in court. They will not rest until you get the compensation that should relieve you from frustrations that arise from them being involved in a Houston car accident. Their expertise will provide them with the technicality that should give you the maximum compensation you should give.

Moreover, Houston car accident lawyers can easily get out of this all frustration. You can rest in your house peacefully and let our dedicated attorney do your work.

Surely, the person you are going up against after the accident may have a well trained and experienced injury lawyer.

You wouldn’t want to go up against that with just any lawyer, so you will need to level up and hire the best you can find. Our seamless qualifications and years of experience in this field are useful in giving you the best services. Our case lawyers in Houston will guarantee you walk away with the highest compensation from whoever is responsible for the pain and frustrations that you went through after the accident.

One reason you will need the services of a Houston car accident lawyer is that you may be aware of your rights as an accident victim. You might also be in a lot of pain and thus may not be able to represent yourself in a court of law for the proceedings of the case. A Houston accident attorney comes through for you if you are the victim or want a loved one, as represented by the best lawyers in Houston after they were involved in an accident.

Why you should hire an Injury Lawyer after a Car Accident in Houston TX?

car accident lawyers like Pusch & Nguyen can help you with the following

Insurance companies are usually fond of taking advantage of car accident situations- their offers have less value. They are capable of taking advantage of victims by trying as much as possible to minimize their claim and pay them as little money as possible. People do not know that getting access to a Houston car accident attorney will lead to them being compensated fairly, unlike when they decide to handle the issue on their own without any attorney.

Working with a Houston car accident attorney will give you the compensation and the peace of mind you deserve. This is crucial for mental health as it will relieve you of stress and assurance that you and your family are protected. Henceforth in case of a car accident, make the right decision and reach out to a Houston car Accident Attorney.

Our car accident lawyers are dedicated to working on your case in that they will ensure that you and your family get all the insurance company related benefits and money you are entitled to. Below are some of the claims we will work on:

  • We will ensure that we have all the needed documents and evidence that are supported.
  • Having the right figures for the value of your claim.
  • Ensure there is a proper filing preparation.
  • Evidence when it comes to personal injuries and damages.
  • Point out the individuals who might be liable to your injuries.
  • Ensure that they work on the settlement offers you are entitled to.
  • We file a legal claim against an insurer who takes advantage of a victim.

As discussed above, be well assured that we are the right choice for you as we will fight for you not only for material value but also for the fact that you will have proper health. Do not hesitate to contact us as we value our clients and push for you to get what you deserve. It doesn’t matter what condition you are in. You could be undergoing treatment; hence think that you are not of a sound mind to go through the claim, and that’s why we are here to represent you as you get treatment. You will get to recover without stressing out, as you won’t need extra time and energy to follow up our Houston car accident attorney instead focus yourself on recovering.

What to do After a Car Accident in Houston TX?

from reporting to hiring a lawyer, here is what you need to do after a car accident in houston

A study shows that you have a 40% higher chance of having a car accident in Houston as compared to Los Angeles which makes the situation really worse! Therefore, as responsible citizens, it is important that you know your rights and how to defend them in case of such an unfortunate event!

One can be confused in Houston car accident scenes and confused in such a manner that you do not know what to take. You may wonder what action you are supposed to take before the authorities get to the accident scene in cases of minor or severe damage. The most crucial thing to do is to focus on your health and rights as a victim. Below are some of the actions to consider.

Protection – Stay calm

I know this is not as easy as it sounds. However, you could just try to be calm and collected and make the right decisions by the situation at hand. In case of a minor accident, try to reduce traffic on the road before the authorities arrive at the scene. You could move your car away from the scene to a safe spot.

Collect as much information as possible

Try as much as you can to get the contact act information of everyone involved in the accident, you could also include witnesses which has a great of value for car your accident lawyer to investigate your case. For the driver or drivers involved, get access to their license, car registration, and car insurance company identification card. You could also get the models of the cars involved in the crash, Note the location, time, and weather conditions. This could help a lot during the claim, and you can easily use your phone to store this information.

Alert the police

It is crucial to inform the police on the Houston car accident case, or in any other accident, as they play a significant role in an insurance company claim. The police officers will make a report on the accident. Another crucial thing to note is how you give out your report to the police. Don’t own up to having made the mistake that might have led to the accident.

Seek medical attention

You may not notice personal injury damage during an accident. In most cases, accident victims get to feel pain and sufferings days after the accident. You must seek medical attention to avoid instances of internal bleeding that may not be noticed during the accident. Visiting the hospital helps in conducting tests so that you access information about all the possible injuries.

Contact us at Pusch & Nguyen

Reach out to us to receive the FREE CONSULTATION you may need before contacting your insurance company and provide him all the information that is important. Our car accident attorneys will ensure we protect your rights before any valuable evidence is interfered with, and we will also advise you on being fully compensated and getting the right medical treatment by our attorneys.

How do we help in investigation after a car accident?

When you are involved in a car Houston car accident, the process of recovering your compensation for the losses incurred requires investigation. Investigations to take place specific proactive measures should be taken, also avoiding costly mistakes. We do have investigators who work with us, and together we join hands for perfect results. At the Pusch & Nguyen car accident Firm, which provides free consultation, our lawyers ensure that we carry out an investigation, considering that the outcome won’t affect the settlement offered by the insurer.

Below are some of the steps to be followed while conducting investigations.

Inspection of the accident site:

investigator gathers information about the accident and specific details that occurred; they look into the accident’s location. Where the accident took place and ensuring they are investigating at the exact spot of the accident. Other factors examined are the time of the accident, the weather conditions, and the person who informed the authorities. All these conditions play a major role in identifying the cause of the accident.

Video Surveillance:

With present-day technology, a lot can be captured and used later as evidence. We have security cameras installed everywhere in the street. This is an advantage as it will be easier to get hold of evidence if the accident was caught on camera. Capture all the possible information. Also, in the accident scene, people are fond of taking videos using their cameras; this can also be of great help.

Social media:

Careless driving can be easily proven in instances where an Individual was active in social media. For instance, if he/she just posted or contacted someone, it could be a message or a phone call just before an accident. This could easily be proven as careless driving. The information can be very effective to proceed your case.


In accident scenes, some individuals may have witnessed the accident from a different perspective. For instance, they could have been able to see the other driver do something that may have led to the accident.

Citations or convictions:

In cases where the police respond to the accident, they are supposed to identify the conditions that may have led to the accident. The police are supposed to check on the driver’s condition, and the driver could be on the wrong side of the law. They could be involved in cases like over speeding, drunk driving, running red lights. From this, the driver can be declared guilty of the offense, thus used as evidence in your accident case.

Expertise analysis:

Our dedicated injury lawyers can hire experts to analyze situations suspected to be the cause of the accident which you can expect from the best injury attorneys in Houston. They assess all the information to the best of their capacity. The crash could be as a result of road unworthy cars or road hazards. If we suspect that a car may have been road unworthy, we hire professionals to check on the car manufacturers and determine the condition of the vehicle. Also, we hire experts to analyze road conditions. From all these, we would be able to help in providing evidence in your claim of liability.

The investigations play a crucial role in when it comes to identifying whom to get insurance from. It is essential to determine whether the careless driver that caused the accident works for a company or if they are an individual driver. Also, note if they were carrying out a work duty during the accident. If the company is liable, the insurance company will be of great benefit as compared to individual interest. The company will be able to provide much higher insurance company policies than the personal driver.

The moment we identify the liable party and have the evidence, we present the evidence professionally to prove your claim. We also proceed to gather evidence of your damages which may include the following:

  1. Acquire medical bill report for past treatment
  2. Getting medical professionals to give a statement of medical attention you may need in the future.
  3. Have documents showing the number of days you missed work and lost income.
  4. Stamen from a medical professional explaining the effects of your injuries.
  5. Statement from an occupational professional indicating that you are not fit to work for a specified period.
  6. Statement from a psychiatrist showing assessment of your mental health.

Questions our Houston car accident lawyers may ask you!

here are the key questions to ask after an accident

After an accident and you are looking forward to reaching out to our firm, you should be able to answer the following questions that are related to the which is helpful for your Houston car accident attorney also. Our firm provides free consultation to provide you the maximum benefit out of your case.

Are there injuries or casualties?

After an accident, it is of great importance that you seek medical attention. You may contact us as soon as possible as we will be able to give you the way forward on dealing with the issue at hand. It could be that you or your loved one is injured or if a loved one is deceased; we advise that you contact us without hesitating. We will be able to work out the full compensation for the injuries.

Are the vehicles destroyed?

You should not take the responsibility of repairing your car, especially if someone else was the cause of the accident. These causalities related to car accidents can cause serious damage to your vehicle resulting in you not being able to run your daily activities. The individual or the company involved in the damage should take full responsibility in compensating you; we are here to help you achieve that.

Are the authorities involved?

Houston police are usually spotted at most accident scenes of the ten to arrive at a scene; they should be able to de

termine the driver on the wrong side of the law. The police are supposed to come up with a report indicating the charges; it could be drunk driving, speeding, and phone usage while driving. All these are negligence that may lead to a car accident; with these, you do have evidence for your insurance company claim.

Is medical and car insurance cost to pay?

If you used your own money for your medical bills, you do have a right to seek compensation from the insurance company. We advise that you contact us immediately as your insurance company may be reluctant to compensate you.

What are the legal rights and responsibilities of the drivers?

In accident scenes, drivers are expected to stay at the scene, and they are required to exchange information with the other drivers. The information may include the car registration number, model of the car, license identification number. This will be of help during the insurance company claim process. We are here to help you determine the liabilities if you are not involved in the form of negligence. You have the right to claim insurance from the other drivers. On the other hand, the driver or drivers involved in negligence are supposed to contact their car insurance company to compensate the victims for their losses.

What kind of settlement should you expect in a typical car accident?

If you are involved in an accident, and it is the other driver who was negligent, what do you do? You go ahead and file an insurance company claim; this compensation will depend on the factors below:

  1. How serious the accident was and the seriousness of the injuries
  2. The amount paid for the medical bills
  3. In case of severe injuries, the medical experts will state whether you will need treatment even after the accident.
  4. If you will fit to go back to work after the accident.
  5. Whether you got a long term effect from the accident, for instance, disfigurements or disabilities of any kind.
  6. How you went through the accident emotionally, mentally, physically, the distressing moment you went through.
  7. The number of days you missed going to work and earnings you lost.

Contacting a Houston car accident attorney or case firm will be the right choice you make as our car accident attorney will walk you through the journey of claiming your insurance. We are professionals, and we will relieve you of the time and energy you may encounter when you decide to work on your own for compensation. Getting the total figures of your losses may sound like an easy task, but it is very hefting and demanding as you may not know what to go for when it comes to legal rights of compensation. Feel yourself at ease while contacting us, we provide free consultation.

Be assured that our lawyers are fully dedicated to work with you, have a name in their field and offer the best services you may need in each and every step you will undergo in claiming your car insurance.

How our Houston Car Accident Lawyer can help you?

At the Pusch & Nguyen firm, our car accident attorneys make sure to value the wellbeing of our clients; hence, we are dedicated to the compensation of damages experienced in the accident. We assess all the documents that may show the distress you have gone through from the injuries. The distress you experience from the accident needs to be dealt with as it may be hard for you to go through alone; this may result in more pain and suffering. We are here to relieve you of the distress and go back to your normal life. That’s why we prefer free consultations.

You could ask for compensation depending on the period you experienced the pain and suffering. You can know the worth of your compensation by taking note of the period you were suffering; also, the compensation may be based on the total damages you got from the accident. You could calculate the total loss experienced and claim your insurance according to it.

For our lawyers to be able to calculate how much you will receive from the pain and suffering you went through, there are important factors that determine the compensation. Contact our Houston car accident firm, and our injury attorneys will offer you the service that you deserve in your car accident cases.

Insurance companies are fond of taking advantage of a client; one of the most common strategies they tend to employ is telling you to record a statement. While telling you this in mind, they tell you to make the records immediately for their own benefits. When you are rushed to make a statement, you may admit to being part of the accident’s cause, not giving exact details on your injuries.

Whatever you involve yourself with, do not make a statement to the insurance company before contacting your lawyer. To avoid falling victim to the insurance company’s strategies, do not hesitate to contact our Houston car accident law firm for assistance. Free consultation is facility we provide to all people who are facing any hard times.

Insurance companies are fond of pretending to be on your side; however, in the real sense, they are not as it is not in their best interest to provide you with the highest settlement as possible, and that’s why they come up with tactics that may trap you. Our lawyers will assist you in all the stages you may go through while claiming your return from insurance comapny, below are some of the stages.

The insurance process

Insurance companies may take advantage of you, having in mind that you do not know your rights. They may lead you into making statements that may undermine your claim henceforth, offer very low settlements.

You may happen to believe that their offer is good as they may offer the settlement as soon as possible however this only for their benefit as they will close the case quickly, closing the case will hinder you from making future claims. We are here to help you get settlements that you deserve and of higher value.

 Filing the Claim

We work with investigators to ensure the evidence gathered plays a major role in making a claim from the insurance company responsible. We go into detail when we evaluate the incidences you may have experienced, whether medical or economic. The medical journey you went through may include the transportation to the hospital, the treatment received, and the distress caused by accident. Another important aspect involves knowing the value of your damages and demand accordingly.

Dealing with Adjusters

Adjusters pretend to be sympathetic to you; however, they are not at all in the real sense. They have a way of talking to you until you may feel that they are on your side, but this is just to win your trust, and they will end up convincing you to make a statement that may pin you down during the insurance claim process. While as the best attorneys you can get in Houston, our goal is to win your case!

The adjusters are usually on the alert as they may approach you just after the accident even before you reach out to them. Try not to fall in their trap as you may easily fall victim, because you may be very confused after the accident. When you decide to make a statement without consulting a lawyer, you may end up giving information that may be used against you. This may result in you being denied the settlement you truly deserve.

We advise that you should avoid giving information to the adjuster for instance,

  1. Giving a brief about what happened
  2. Giving information about your injuries
  3. Admitting to being the negligent driver
  4. Giving out a recorded statement
  5. Accepting the first settlement offer

Reviewing Settlement Offers

The insurance companies have strategies, and they are really good at it, especially when dealing with clients who have no clue that they have rights when dealing with insurance claims. The insurer may rush to offer you a settlement knowing very well it’s a low settlement deal. You may be so desperate by the time you accept such an offer; their timings may be well calculated as this might be the time you are so much in need of the money.

As an accident victim, you may undergo difficult times, especially the fact that you may be away from work hence a lack of income. This may result in you having no money to settle your medical bills; hence, the moment you receive an offer from the insurer, you may not think through. That is why we advise that you reach out to us before making such a decision we would be of great help.

In most cases, insurance companies look into their benefits and give it a priority; they have a strategy that will have their losses minimized. The adjuster knows how to convince a victim in a way that the victim may feel so valued by the insurance group; however, in the real sense, it is of their benefits.

Our attorneys are dedicated to assess the insurance offer and advise you if it is the settlement you deserve. At the Houston car accident firm, we are well known to be fighters, and we do get what our clients deserve from the insurers. The insurers are aware of our aggressiveness; this makes it easy for us during the insurance process. They know that we are good negotiators, and we are determined to get the highest offer that will cover our client’s losses.

We are dedicated to working with you through all the steps involved, advice on the matters arising, and, most importantly ensure that your wellbeing is looked into. All this we do before you pay us, no lawyer will demand payment before the process.

Car Accident Lawsuits; Is it worth hiring an attorney for a car accident?

Insurance companies tend to deny victims covers that may involve long term disabilities. Our lawyers will work hard and ensure your name in these situations are dismissed, and you receive the proper compensation. To achieve this, our lawyers will have the insurance company sued on a personal injury case or on your lost wages.

Most victims tend to have a fear of testifying when it comes to a lawsuit. One may be afraid of going to court from just the sound tithe fear may also be because it’s their first time filing a lawsuit, which may cause nervousness.

Our attorneys will be able to take you through all the steps to take while filing a lawsuit; hence you should not be worried. Because no matter what, we will give our best to win your case for you! This is what makes us the best!

Starting the Lawsuit

In this case, whereby the victim has decided to take legal action against the insurance company, the lawyer will make a petition having all the accident facts in order. The lawyer should also ensure that they follow the law in consideration of the matter at hand. In this case, the victim is the plaintiff, and the insurer is the defendant, while the lawyer is the litigator.

Once the suit has been filed and sent to the defendant, the defendant will, in most cases, hire their own attorney to defend your lawsuit. The defendant lawyer has about three weeks to give feedback on your petition. The defendant lawyer may also file an answer to ”general denial’. This is a standard legal answer; hence you should not be worried. This means that the defendant wants to be presented with the evidence of your liability claims. Our attorney will be well prepared when it comes to responding to such issues.

The Discovery Phase

This is a phrase with strict rules and procedures, and both parties are required to follow the rules. We get to this phase if the court fails to dismiss the case. The court is presented with motions and answers; from this, it will decide whether to continue or dismiss the case.

At this stage, the lawyers have a hectic work as they will go deep into the investigation to gather evidence. Both lawyers will have to be in possession of evidence supporting their claims. The evidence may include camera surveillance, interviews from witnesses, digital evidence, and physical evidence. To obtain this, some procedures need to be followed.

  1. Interrogatories– These involve coming up with well-written questions that demand answers concerning your claims, protection, and identity of people who witnessed the accident.
  2. Requests for production-These are requests that have been written down demanding relevant documents and other physical evidence.
  3. Requests for admissions– These involve written requests that give individuals involved a chance to acknowledge or dispute certain statements.

The defendant party may also have the above requests presented to you. All you have to do is be well prepared and respond to such requests to avoid the penalties. For instance, if you do not respond to the request for admission in time, the court will be forced to believe that you have acknowledged the statement presented as true. This will automatically mean that you give up your defense claim. Since the situation may be so delicate, you need to have a lawyer who shows commitment when it comes to responding to the request. Also, the lawyer should be competent in a manner that they can get work done on time.

During the discovery phase, we have deposition, and this is a simple procedure that involves a session of questions asked by the council that the witness has to answer. The questions are directed to the other party or a witness who is usually under oath. In the courtroom, a court reporter is in charge of recording statements made by the witnesses or the parties involved.

It is crucial to have your attorneys during the deposition process; your lawyers will be able to advise you on what to speak about. Questions asked at depositions may include a person’s background.

 Motions for Summary Judgment

After the two parties are done with their findings that may include the documented request and the depositions, any of the parties may file motions for summary judgment. In most cases, one of the parties may note that there are no important facts in dispute. Therefore, a motion for summary judgment is employed by the court as it plays a role in avoiding unnecessary trials.

A court usually grants a party a summary judgment in cases whereby the other party has been convicted for a crime, and the evidence cannot be disputed. From this, there would be no other questions of liability.

Mediation and Settlement Negotiations

The two parties may decide to settle the issue using a different method, mediation. This involves a third party who could be a lawyer or a former judge. The mediators are known to have special training; this will help make the parties get to sound decagons while negotiating.

For mediation to occur, it requires the parties to be in a room together with their lawyers and the mediator. Both parties are allowed to air out their claims. This helps the mediator to determine how the parties may resolve their differences. If the two parties come to an agreement, it marks the end of the case.

The mediation process usually starts with both sides and their attorneys together in the room with the mediator. If the mediation does not bear fruits, all the parties are advised not to use the information discussed against each other. The information discussed in the mediation room should not leave the room.

Failure to come to an agreement during mediation doesn’t mean that the negotiations should stop. Your attorney can continue with negotiations until the trial ends.

Even if mediation sessions are unsuccessful, your attorney can continue to engage in settlement negotiations with the other party until the end of a trial. Our lawyers are fighters, and they will ensure they make negotiations until you get the deserved settlement for your claims.

The Trial Process

At the Houston car accident firm, our lawyers ensure that we are prepared for matters that may arise. For instance, we do prepare for a court appearance. In most cases, we do have this preparation to deal with life insurance companies that may fail to give their clients the deserved settlement. You can say it is the first step from us to win your case!

The first part of a car accident jury trial is jury selection, which is also known as the void dire in the legal world. During this phase of the trial, both attorneys and the judge may ask potential jurors in the courtroom, called the “jury pool.” Selecting the right jury is essential to any personal injury damage lawsuit. However, the jury selection process can be complex—even for attorneys! Our attorneys know how to use necessary strikes (which can be peremptory strikes or strikes for cause) to make sure you have a strong jury.  The jury is most likely to be sympathetic to your injuries and rule in your favor.

The judge and the lawyer come to an agreement concerning the jury selection. Once this is done, the lawyers are given a chance to speak up in front of the jury. Once the lawyers and judge agree on a selected jury, both the parties are allowed to make a statement. This is the period when the attorney do not have to make an argument on their cases.

After the two parties give out their statements, they will also have to present the evidence to the jury and provide an argument on the other party’s claims. The plaintiffs’ lawyer presents their statement first; this process involves the lawyer questioning the thief witness who makes an appearance to give evidence. The following process takes place,

  1. Direct examination involves the plaintiff’s attorney interrogating the witness who is here to prove their case.
  2. Cross-examination, here the defendant’s attorney gets to question the witness.

After all the above steps taken by the plaintiff’s lawyer, the defendant’s lawyer also gets to present their case in the same manner.

The attorney may ask the witness questions during the direct and cross-examination. The lawyers are free to ask the witness questions about evidence. They are supposed to be equipped with statements and evidence that are in line with the rules. During the presentation, the attorneys should not hesitate to dispute the statements that violate the rules.

The judge gets to interpret the law to the jury. This interpretation is in connection with the proceeding case. After the jury hears all the evidence, the judge will read the jury instructions, which informs the jury of the law relating to the case. The attorneys are allowed to present a final statement to the jury before they go to the jury room for further discussion. When the jury reaches a judgment, they get to read it in the courtroom. From the jury’s decisions, you do not get to come up with an argument’s decision. With this, you need to make the right choice of who to represent you during your insurance claim.

With our team handling your case, be assured that we will work hard to ensure you are on the winning side, as you can see from the above procedures how hectic it can be to fight for your claims. This should not be a worry as we have skilled lawyers capable of handling the personal injury pain and suffering lawsuit. At Pusch & Nguyen, we are unique in that our car accident cases do not get to be in the trial. You need an aggressive litigator who will ensure that the insurance company provides a fair settlement avoiding further charges.

If you need to know how our law firm can be of help to you, we are ready to offer one of our members who would take you through all of your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us as we are available whenever you need us. Moreover, we also provide free consultation to take you out from your loss.

Causes and Types of Car Collisions

car collisions in Houston are very common and here are a few reasons why

In-car accidents, you will be able to notice differences in the type of collision, type of drivers, and the victims. Car accident case experts are of great impact in helping to determine the cause of the accident. The experts will get a conclusion from the information given by the witnesses, the condition of the car, the road condition, and many other factors.

Driver’s negligence is one of the reasons causalities occur on the roads in Houston accidents. Several reasons that result in a car accident include;

Drunk Driving

The number of drunk driving is alarming in Houston car accidents case, as much as great effort is put into creating awareness. Still, it is all in vain. The numbers are high, which shows that the drivers do not care about the wellbeing of another individual in the society, hence continue to hurt them.

Distracted Driving

In the modern world, people tend to be so much engaged in their phones that they drive while using their phones. People are so much addicted to social media hence tend to be distracted while they drive. Other distracting activities may include taking your eye off the road; for example, you may decide to check up the child’s seat belt in the rear mirror and search for an item in your bag.


Speeding on the roads has caused many accidents in the Houston Texas area; the thought of losing a loved one in an accident is distressing. Drivers who are involved in speeding do not consider that they may hurt others or even themselves. This is because when they speed, they only think of reaching their destination on time. The figures on the accident cases are very high; the drivers should look into this before they step on the gear. Think about your family, your loved ones, when you decide to drive at a high speed. Also, you should avoid the part of the roads that are known to be dangerous.

The following are some of Houston’s most dangerous intersections based on accident frequency:

  1. Sam Houston Parkway at Wertheimer Road
  2. Main Street at South Loop
  3. Beechnut Street at Sam Houston Parkway
  4. Bassinet Street at West Sam Houston Parkway
  5. Hardy Road at Sam Houston Parkway
  6. West park Tollway at Sam Houston Parkway
  7. Camel Road at Sam Houston Parkway
  8. I-45 at Sam Houston Parkway
  9. Greens Road at I-45
  10. NASA Parkway and I-45
  11. Beltway 8 at I-45 North
  12. 610 East at I-10

You should be careful when you happen to be driving in the above areas. The intersection here is dangerous mostly for the motorist. Chances of being involved in a car crash are high as people are fond of making mistakes at intersections.

We do have different types of collisions; this is because roads experience a different crash. From the type of collision that has just occurred, we can base it as a great starting point for liability identification. Our attorneys look into the crash encountered including:

Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end collision occurs when a vehicle crashes into the one in front of the crash may be minor in a case where the driver was moving at low speed. The crash may also be referred to as a fender bender as it is a minor car accident case. Note that it is not in all cases that the crash is minor, this type of crash may be serious to having accident victims who require medical attention.

In case of a rear-end accident, the rear e driver is the one to be blamed. In Houston car causalities, there are traffic policies that were put in place to minimize a possible number of accidents. The drivers are supposed to follow behind at a very clear distance between the vehicles on the road. From this distancing rule, the driver can easily stop without colliding with the other vehicles. So if an accident occurs in this situation, the rear driver is assumed to have been too close. Remember, this is not enough reason to make a rear driver be at fault in the crash as they can still challenge the liability.

Rear-end accidents are in most cases cost by the following ;

  1. Distraction on the road
  2. Driving while drunk
  3. Failed breaks
  4. Driving behind another car without keeping a safe distance

Head-on Collisions

This occurs where the front ends of two vehicles hit each other when moving in opposite directions. These kinds of accidents are usually very serious; victims tend to have severe injuries that may lead to disability. The victims require emergency treatment as, in most cases, the accidents are fatal, especially if the victims did not wear the safety belt.

The head-on collision is mostly caused when the drivers are distracted and happen to drive the wrong way on a one-way street highway.

Many car accidents cases occur in remote areas, and traffic police are not always present in the areas or are very few. The drivers take advantage and break the traffic laws; the most common one is speeding. The driver, while speeding they may fail to stay centered in their lane. The driver breaks the traffic rules by being involved in actions that are life-threatening, for instance, when they decide to pass through the road when there is a double yellow line. This is against the law, and the law states that the driver should not drive on the left side of the road in a no-passing zone or the pavement located on the left side and designed to mark a no-passing zone. When these laws are breached, we get to have reports of fatal head-on collisions.


Rollover crashes are known to have a higher fatality rate than any other type of accident. The experience can be traumatizing as the victim is very much alive and gets to see how the car rolls on its side or roof. All vehicles are susceptible to rollovers to various extents.

Rollovers can occur from driver’s negligence or any other form of road encounters, including the following:

  • Risky maneuvers, like taking turns of swerving at a high-speed rate.
  • Single vehicle clash as another car hits the side of your car
  • The vehicle tire is triggered by something on the road and pops out, leading to a rollover.
  • Driving too fast on curves or turns

Above are some of the major reasons that usually lead to a rollover on the roads. Rollovers involve a single-vehicle accident or a multi-vehicle. You may be worried that your car is crashed; hence feel that you are liable; the other party may also be a liability.

These are only some reasons why a vehicle may rollover. Some rollovers involve multiple vehicles, while others only involve one car. Don’t assume you’re to blame if only your vehicle crashed, however, as another party still may be liable for road hazards or dangerous driving.

Modern cars are designed to prevent the vehicles from extreme damages; for example, the roofing is made in a way that it is strengthened to avoid crumpling in the accident scenes. However, this does not guarantee that there will be no injuries. The victims can still come out with very severe physical injuries, psychological or emotional trauma, and many others.

Single-vehicle Crashes

In this kind of crash, some people may think that it is only one party that is usually involved, this is not true. In this case, only a single car may be involved in the crash. Below are some of the major reasons that contribute to single-car crash that may be out of your hands:

When you experience an approach of another car on your side and hence forced to swerve from the road. In this case, you might not have any choice but to make a quick decision without thinking of the consequences.

In some cases, you may not be aware of the road conditions, and the road may have potholes, cracks, or something that may trigger the car’s imbalance. You may experience this at a highway while driving at high speed resulting in loss of control after maybe hitting a pothole.

Your car may suddenly experience a mechanical issue and result in you losing control on the road. The mechanical issue may include seatbelt that doesn’t work, Tires that have defects, airbags that cause personal injury damage, brakes that fail, steering that has defects.

Many encounters can lead to a single-vehicle accident; a driver may cause an accident, not knowing. For example, when an approaching vehicle that was overspeeding gets to hit you on the side. The hitting maybe too often that the driver may just continue driving, not knowing what they have caused. This will result in a hectic process in claiming your insurance. From this kind of experience, you certainly need a good lawyer to work on your insurance claim case.

If the driver of the vehicle is a family member, you do not need to hesitate to wonder if you should go for the claim. You should make your claim against the driver; in most cases, the victim is allowed to make claims against the family automobile insurance policy.

We Handle ALL Types of Car Accident Cases!

At Pusch & Nguyen, we are highly skilled with years of experience in providing quality service to our clients. We have encountered all forms of a road accident; with this, we have been able to come up with solutions on the matters at hand. We have dealt with different kinds of victims, for instance, an incident where our client was in a car of a negligent driver, drivers who have been hit by other cars. We are here for everyone in the community. We also work with cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. If you are involved in an accident, do not hesitate, reach out to us, and we will give you the service that you deserve when it comes to a settlement with your insurer.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Houston Texas

here are some of the injuries you can have after a car accident and can claim compensation against with the help of Pusch & Nguyen lawyers

A car collision can be very serious as in the process, and injuries may spread to your entire body parts. During the crash, in an instance where you make a stop, and the other driver hits you, there will be an experience of serious personal injury damage. You will be moving in the vehicle experiencing a series of injuries despite having protective gear in the car. Protective gears such as the airbag and the seatbelt may help you from other injuries; however, on the other hand, they also inflict other injuries.

When you get into your car, it is important to adhere to protective measures, for example, putting on your seatbelt. This can be of great help if you happen to be involved in a car crash, as you are aware of accidents when your car stops, you tend to hit your body on parts of the car. A head-on collision is known to be one of the worst accident injuries; they are so devastating.

From the above scenario, one may have long term disabilities from the accident. The victims must get emergency treatment; in such cases, you should not take chances to call the medics. A second or minute can change someone’s life. The accident may result in the following medical conditions. Some accident injuries may just heal after a few days from the accident; other conditions can be permanent, for example, catastrophic injuries. These are injuries that cause permanent damage; a good example is the spinal cord personal injury pain and suffering that comes with heavy medical bills.

Below are some of the car collision accident injuries that our attorneys have come across when dealing with clients.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can be very devastating when you hit your head on any object, resulting in a skull fracture. The skull fracture can occur with brain damage and even permanent disfigurement. The fractures can also extend to the different parts of the face. This may include the nose and the jaws. From this personal injury damage or lost wages, one may experience a low esteem moment as surgery may take place, resulting in a complete transformation, which may be a positive or a negative effect. Also, an individual’s normal life may change as they will be forced to have their jaw wired shut for several months. Head trauma can also be the cause of eyesight problems, which result in partial blindness. Dental damage may also result from the accident. The victim may go through a difficult time as dental surgeries are costly. From this situation, they don’t have a choice but to just go for the treatment.

Brain Injuries

Head injuries are usually sensitive, especially when they lead to a situation where the brain gets affected. If there is a direct trauma impact to the head, brain damage may occur. The functioning of the brain may be affected if the brain tissue sustains injuries. When the brain’s functioning is affected, a victim may start to behave in a manner that clearly shows damage to the brain tissue.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can range from mild (including concussions) to severe. Severe brain injuries can render a victim unconscious for a long period, leaving them in a coma in the intensive care unit (ICU). TBIs can also cause the brain’s dangerous swelling, which can increase intracranial pressure to a life-threatening level and may require the surgical removal of part of the skull. Many TBI victims require a lengthy course of treatment and rehabilitative therapy. For many brain personal injury damages victims with lost wages, life will NEVER be the same again and also financial losses due to medical bills will also multiply their suffering.

Neck and Back Injuries

The Back and Neck are body parts that are vital to the upper body part, and they are the ones that ensure movements and support of the upper body. Injuries of the back and neck can limit the ability to move around. Injuries of the soft tissue of the neck are usually referred to as “whiplash accident injuries”. There is a history of whiplash being exaggerated in accidents because the attorneys take it very seriously as they know the effects are serious and they have all information about these cases. Some parts of your back can be injured in a crash, some of them are disc injuries, fractures, dislocation, and strained muscles. Injuries sustained at the back have serious effects like keeping someone off from lifting objects and walking properly. It might require someone to keep away from some activities such as sports, exercising, and doing house chores. Neck and back injuries will require one to treat them in various ways as doctors directly can be via surgery or physical therapy.

Chest Injuries

The chest contains most of the body’s vital organs, which is again protected by the rib cage. The organs can be damaged if, for example, a victim of a car accident suffers trauma to the chest area. This is because it might fracture multiple ribs, which means there is no protection to the chest’s vital body organs. If such happens, it might cause a person to suffer punctured lungs, damage to the heart, or even worse, lead to a heart attack. If a accident injury damages happens internally, it can lead to hemorrhaging and a buildup of blood inside the chest cavity. Generally, chest injuries require immediate treatment and trauma care.

Abdominal Injuries

The abdomen houses many vital organs of the body; hence it plays a major role in someone’s body. Some of the organs include kidneys or gastrointestinal liver and spleen. The organs can suffer a rupture or damage due to an accident that can also fracture the lower spine, hips, or pelvis. Fracture to the organs might be painful and take some time to heal. It can be worse if it happens to the elderly people because it might require replacement of the hips and other surgical procedures and might take some time.

Leg and Knee Injuries

There are many other parts of the body that, if injured, can prevent someone from walking normally even though it is the knee and Leg, which are essential for moving around. If an accident occurs and the legs stretch or move in unnatural ways, it might cause soft tissue damage. This means the accident might cause strains, sprains, or tears to the ligaments, tendons, or muscles. It is very common too during an accident for the victims to strike the dashboard with incredible force even if the victim had the seat belt secured. Most injuries to the knees will require surgery, which takes a while to recover; the knee injuries include meniscus or ACL. Some of the leg or knee injuries do restrict physical activities for life to prevent further damage.

Hand and Foot Injuries

Hand and foot play a major role in our body as we use it from walking and doing most of the day-to-day tasks. This means hand and foot injuries require medical attention to ensure that it heals fast and you can work and do the everyday tasks to avoid getting frustrated. A accident can cause strains to the wrists, hands, fingers, toes, feet, and ankle. It can also cause fractures and strains.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord connects the brain’s signals to various parts of the body through the nervous system. Car accidents are the leading cause of trauma to the spinal cord since the spinal cord connects to the brain’s signals a accident case which disrupts the spinal cord may lead to losing sensation and movement abilities in the parts of the body below where the accident injury damage has occurred. Lower spinal injuries can cause temporary or permanent paralysis in the legs, bladder, bowels, and reproductive system during an accident. At the same time, upper spinal cord injuries might occur and cause paralysis in the arms, torso, legs, and organs such as the lungs. Spinal injuries can cause permanent disablement of victims because they are catastrophic, and most of the time, victims are not able to walk and work again.

How do our car accident attorneys help you with injuries?

We help clients who sustained a wide range of injuries, from contusions to life-altering spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Whether you need one trip to the emergency room or years of ongoing medical treatment, you deserve to recover at the costs of the person who caused the accident.  We want to ensure that medical professionals properly diagnose and treat the injuries, so you don’t suffer unnecessary complications. We fight for full financial recovery for every client, so you don’t have to choose between paying medical bills and taking care of your health!

Whether you sustain injuries ranging from contusions to life-altering spinal cord injuries and paralysis, we at Pusch & Nguyen take good care of our clients. When you put your needs at our service, we believe that one deserves to be catered for if someone else caused the accident. We try to ensure that clients don’t suffer unnecessary complications due to professional medical negligence or improper diagnosis. We avoid the client from choosing from whether to pay medical bills and taking care of their health by fighting for a full recovery for each and every client.

Learn All the Ways Our Houston Car Accident Attorneys Can Help!

Do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our legal team can evaluate your rights, and we will always be honest with you regarding how much compensation you deserve.

We at Pusch & Nguyen, ensure that you get everything clearly with no doubts by our dedicated lawyers services. We will be honest with our client regarding how much compensation a client deserves. Our legal team will do that by evaluating a client’s rights.

Insurance companies are known for strategizing on how to deal with clients who, most of the time, don’t know their rights hence take advantage to give out a low settlement. Kindly get in contact with us today to avoid being taken advantage of by insurance companies when an accident occurs, and the victim is unfamiliar with the law. Our legal team is aware of all the tricks insurance companies use to take advantage of clients.

Houston Car Accident Attorney: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The process of seeking compensation might be complicated and hectic unless you have legal training or have had experience with car accident case claims. Insurance companies and adverse parties do not make it easy to recover fully financially since they find it hard to hand over the money. Since it is not easy to get compensation, many accident victims have many questions to make them understand why. We have below answers to some of the most regularly asked questions; however, feel free to contact our office directly to discuss your specific situations.

Should I get a lawyer for a car accident?

The law does not require someone to hire a car accident later in case of an accident. As discussed above, there are so many benefits of hiring a car accident attorney. The car accident lawyer will make sure while you are healing in peace while the lawyer handles insurance claims or lawsuits. After an accident, it’s stressful for the victims, so it will be better to let us take care of the legal process.

Reality is that victims who have hired Houston car accident lawyers get better compensation as compared to the victims who are not represented. We do have a skilled legal team to represent the victim and fight for more compensation when needed. Usually, it is easy to accept the compensation given until one realizes it could be better compensated as compared to what was offered. The car accident case lawyers make sure they push for a client not to get less than they deserve.

How much does a car accident attorney cost?

Car accident victims, in most cases, do not bother to call an attorney, the main reason being concern about how much it will cost them. As opposed to what many thinks that the car accident attorneys are expensive to hire, we do not charge exorbitant hourly fees. We do understand that the victim in a accident case should receive payment and not PAY. With that in mind, we handle car accident cases on a contingency fee basis.

A contingent fee means the following:

  1. During the free consultation, there is no fee required
  2. Until our client has a successful compensation, we do not charge the client
  3. We do not take payment from a client’s pocket; we do wait and get it from the client’s settlement.
  4. ANYONE can afford to hire the right as attorney for a car accident case claim. This is because someone does not need extra money on hand to hire a car accident attorney.

What if I made a mistake on the road?

Most drivers often assume they have no right to compensation, and they do not even attempt to file a claim. They think they made a mistake before the crash, which a vast mistake often made. Our lawyers know that even if a driver makes a mistake, the driver might be able to receive the least partial recovery compensation. This is because the car accident laws in Texas are not that simple.

If a victim has some degree of fault in the accident, there is a legal concept that is applied referred to as ‘Comparative fault.’ Different states have different ways of dealing with the situation, but most states, including Texas, use a ‘Modified comparative fault’ standard to such cases. If this standard is plied, it allows the car accident case victims to get some compensation even if they also made a mistake. This rule recognizes that when someone is at MORE fault than you, they still are held partially liable for your losses. Keeping in mind that different states have different laws in regard to comparative fault and contributory negligence, it is wise that you hire an experienced attorney.

There is a rule that modified comparative fault follows the 51 percent bar rule. It states that a person does not have the right to seek compensation for their accident-related losses if they were at 51 percent responsible for causing the accident. One has a right to recover some compensation for their injuries if, on the other hand, the victim is 49 percent or less at fault.

To determine how much a victim can recover under modified comparative fault will depend on the degree of fault, someone contributed to the crash. The Insurance Company or a jury at trial can determine the percentage; however, when the insurance company determines the percentage, it can be negotiated by the attorney. You can seek recovery for your losses minus your percentage of fault if you are less at fault than the other party. This might seem confusing; therefore, you might need a skilled attorney to represent rights if you also contributed to the crash; it’s usually a complicated legal issue.

Remember to discuss your accident with a car lawyer because you can trust a lawyer and evaluate your real right to compensation. Tell him about every information that can result to solve your case. Usually, it is NOT automatically true what the insurance adjuster tells you, better depend on the attorney. We push to make sure a client gets the full amount you deserve. We can provide evidence to the insurance company to prove that the policyholder was more at fault, this to make sure you get compensation if you deserve the payout.

Should I accept a settlement offer?

Trust us-The Insurance Company KNOWS the stress you can go through after an accident and might take advantage of that. We make sure that this doesn’t happen. It is common to have financial stress after a car accident case. It leads to many people accepting a settlement offers from an insurance company as soon as they can without consulting to know if they deserved more. The stress of bills piling up and the desire to settle them as quickly as possible might cause this.

Insurance companies will always want to pay out as little as possible to victims since the insurance companies are businesses that want to maximize profits. The settlement offered by insurance companies usually starts very low, hoping one accepts it. Since most people won’t check as soon as possible, they will accept initial offers, or they will take them because the adjuster falsely earned their trust. It may result in ongoing financial concerns and costs for some time.

Once you accept a settlement offer, you waive your rights to seek more compensation afterward, so it means you have closed the deal once you accepted the check. If the expenses you incur surpass what you took as compensation, you have no right to go back and ask for more. For you to avoid regretting after accepting compensation from an insurance company, you should contact our office to advise and fight for the amount you deserve on your behalf.

Should I see a doctor even if I feel okay?

Usually, the impact of collision might jolt your body in unnatural ways and cause you to be mentally traumatized. After a crash, the victims do not expect to have solutions for a while. This might cause the victim to encounter serious injuries. Generally, car accident experiences can be traumatizing.

Instead of going to the emergency room to be attended to or seek urgent care after a car accident case, you may justify going home. You might have a concussion that might make you disorientated, or you might have a soft tissue personal damage or fracture, and you think you are just stiff or sore which can affect your life. Complications can arise and become worse if the injuries go untreated, which will take longer to heal.

After you’ve been injured in a car accident, to avoid injuries from going unnoticed, you should go and seek medical care can assist you physically. This is because the doctor will record your diagnoses, which can be used to prove the full range of injuries.

What happens in a personal injury lawsuit?

After most vehicle accidents, people usually file an insurance claim with the insurer of the negligent party. However, it is not always possible to ultimately settle every case through the insurance process. You have the right to file a lawsuit for personal injury in civil court against a party that negligently caused your car injuries; the law provides this right.

The lawsuit process can be very complicated and hectic, and there are many steps involved in procedural rules and substantive laws in every case. To each personal injury, there are different steps which include the following:

  1. The preparation and filing of the petition
  2. Ensuring other necessary motions are filed
  3. The discovery process, this entails obtaining the detailed information and evidence from the other party
  4. The negotiations of terms of the settlement
  5. Trial process

An attorney who knows how to advocate for your trial aggressively is necessary after a car accident, even though most of the personal injury cases settle out of court. In most cases, you might not know if a personal injury lawsuit is necessary for your situation.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit for injuries or property damage?

It is normal to take time to tend to your physical health and limitations after being injured in a car accident. As much as you might want to take time to start the legal process due to stress and maybe health issues, you should be aware you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to take legal action.

Depending on the state, different states have different laws regarding statutes of limitations in the carcass. The limit you have to file a valid lawsuit is referred to as a statute of limitations. In Texas, for personal injury and property damage claims arising after being injured in car accident, you have two years from the fate of the accident to file a petition, thus with limited expectations. Two years for many sounds a lot of time, but most people are relaxed and let the statute of limitations expire on their car accident cases.

Our goal is to relieve the stress of your legal claim from you and handle every aspect of your case ourselves. Therefore, call an attorney as soon as an accident area has surrounded you with an ill fate to help you relieve the stress and hectic legal process from your hand.

Should I hire a lawyer for a minor car accident?

Minor accidents (fender-benders) can be very inconvenient even though not life-changing. It might lead to a loss of time and surprising losses. The time to follow up with repairs, incur bills, maybe see a doctor can pile up quickly. It may lead to you losing some hours from work, which may result in loss of income.

It doesn’t matter how much you lose, could be much or less; this gives you the right to recover from parties who are at fault. You should not hesitate to collect compensation for minor losses as insurance exists for a reason, and your compensation is essential. Usually, insurance companies don’t take these claims seriously. Insurance tries to get rid of you by offering a small amount of compensation, leaving you with expenses that exceed the compensation which forces you to pay from your pocket. Hiring costs nothing upfront, and the lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve no matter how minor claims may seem. In case you don’t need a attorney, our legal team will be honest and advise you about that, remember there is no amount you have paid upfront. You should not hesitate to call even for a minor accident.

Should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?

Even if we try to be very safe while driving and follow the rules set by traffic laws, our Houston car accident lawyers still can get involved in a road accident and suffer injuries. This is because we cannot control the actions of another driver on the road who might make errors, causing an accident that involves you. In this case, when the other party violates traffic rules, you should not have to pay for their mistakes.

In most cases, the other party does not easily admit they were to blame for a car accident. That is when you will need evidence to support your claim that someone else was negligent and not your fault. You may require many resources that you might not have to prove liability for a car accident. When the evidence is not sufficient, or proof is not proper, you may receive less compensation than what you deserve or even no compensation. This is why you require a legal professional with experience in proving fault in arc crash cases.

You should call our office to review the details of the accident and see exactly what happened when you think someone else was responsible for your accident. The legal option to receive competition will be determined by our legal team and advice on your rights. After a car accident, most people can be confused and not know where to begin with the legal action. We are here to make the complicated process very easy and less hectic for you. So please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Get Answers to Your Questions from Experienced Houston Car Accident Lawyers

Our legal system is a little bit complicated in terms of accidents in Houston Texas. It does not make it easy for victims to know their rights, so it’s natural for the victims to have many questions. The best legal option will depend on your specific situation since there are many laws involved in arc crash claims. It is advisable to let our legal professionals evaluate your circumstances and advise on the best legal option to proceed with.

We have a goal to protect your rights at our law firm; we also pride ourselves on being honest and straightforward with every potential client. You can count on us to never back down when it comes to our client’s best interest and protect it. Kindly contact us as soon as possible for you to learn about your rights and options that will protect and care for you.

Auto collision statistics: Why consulting Pusch & Nguyen is important!

Car crashes in Houston

The data realized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 2.3million persons were injured nationwide in automobile accidents in a single year. The following information provided by the Texas Department of Transportation is usually based on reportable Texas crashes in a single year; they are as follows: –

  1. In one year, there were 13,675 with a severe personal injury resulting from crashes; 17,152 people sustained a severe accident injury in a single year.
  2. The prior year the death toll had increased to 3,534 deaths as compared to 3,408 deaths, an increase of 3.70 percent.
  3. The roadways had a fatality rate of 1.42 deaths per hundred million vehicles miles traveled.
  4. Every 2 hours and 29 minutes there is a death of 1 person
  5. Every 2 minutes 13 seconds one person gets injured
  6. Every 66 seconds there is a report of 1 crash

Fatal car crashes in San Antonio

Houston’s dangerous intersections

Ten intersections in the Houston area all carry a large amount of traffic, but also often are the scenes of crashes where speed and the intersection’s turning movements are a factor. Two smaller intersections, meanwhile, have had two fatal crashes where speed was a factor.

Source: Chronicle analysis | Created by Dug Begley


Compiled on a map, the 4,603 fatal crashes on Houston area roads since 2010 leave few parts of the region untouched by a deadly wreck.

Source: | Created by Dug Begley and Rachael Gleason

Driving in the Houston Texas area, there is a probability of dealing with traffic and unsafe drivers. The risk of a car crash may be far higher than you might imagine, this is according to a recent report realized by Texas State of Safety report. In fact, in the past five years, there has been a steady increase in the number of crashes in the Houston-Galveston area. The report, therefore, suggests that each year you continue driving in the area, you increase your chance of getting involved in an accident and having injuries. In recent years, the number of car accident cases have exceeded 131,000, causing more than 3,000 serious injuries and 715 deaths.

Contact Our Experienced Houston Auto Crash Attorneys Right Away!

It is advisable to contact the skilled Houston car accident attorney or team. At Pusch & Nguyen law firm if you get involved in an accident or lose a loved one, the legal team will discuss your case and determine if anyone is liable for your damages and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. The auto collision team at Pusch & Nguyen, is excellent and professional at engaging insurance companies to get the best compensation you deserve to get, and if the insurance company refuses to reach a settlement, file a lawsuit on your behalf. You will want the team of auto collision attorneys, and legal professionals at our Houston car accident firm to protect your rights, especially since Texas car accident case laws can prove to be complicated and difficult to navigate.

Learn How Our Lawyers & Attorneys Will Stand up for Your Rights!

At the law firm, we are available throughout, you cannot miss us, and we are here to attend to your needs at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us as our consultations are free.

Our legal attorney team is very dedicated to your Houston car accident case attorney needs; we are here to walk with you through the journey as much as devastating it may be. We will ensure you receive the compensation that you sincerely deserve, be it in terms of medical or economical.

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